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Is it safe to dye your hair when pregnant?

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Sophiemck95 Sun 15-Jan-17 13:49:02

So I'm currently 14+2 days with my first. I'm just wondering if it safe to colour my hair while I'm pregnant. I'll more than likely be using a box dye in a dark brown shade.

Thanks smile

Dolwar Sun 15-Jan-17 14:07:43

Yes but hormones can make your hair have a funny reactionand even if you've used the same colour for years it can turn out different!! So definitely do a patch test first in your hair at the back somewhere hidden

user1481800358 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:21:16

I think you should be fine but as Dolwar said, it may not come out the same colour as pre-pregancy so do the patch test. You also need to make sure you are in a very well ventilated area, especially if you are using a box colour.

Apparently, highlights or foils are much safer because they do not touch your scalp so I know that is preferred but not sure if it is an option for you smile

abbsisspartacus Sun 15-Jan-17 15:23:36

Mine went a really odd colour my boss looked at me and asked good God did you mean it to turn out like that? I looked him square in the face and said yes! It was bloody awful colour it was supposed to be brown

ExpectoPatronummmm Sun 15-Jan-17 15:27:06

I'm 30 weeks with 3rd child and I home due ny hair brown every 10 weeks

gamerchick Sun 15-Jan-17 15:29:37

Do your patch test, sometimes you can be extra sensitive.

I never had any odd goings on.

Celticlassie Sun 15-Jan-17 19:05:23

I asked my midwife who said it was fine.

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