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Positive experiences please - early scan

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Katurah Sun 15-Jan-17 10:31:51

I have DS who is 14 months and suffered a MMC at just under 6 weeks in September. I found out a private scan at 8 weeks. Pregnant again now and was having some pains so was sent for an early scan at 6 weeks on Friday. I could have been as little as 5+3/4 depending on when I conceived as I have a 32/33 day cycle. Sonographer saw sac, yolk and possibly foetal pole but no HB. Got to go back in 2 weeks but I'm terrified it's happened again. Clear blue tests still saying 2-3 but I have constant nausea and gagging, headaches, back ache and really greasy skin. My hair has also stopped falling out.

Any positive experiences? I'm 38 in a couple of weeks and worried my eggs might just not be very good anymoresad

user1481800358 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:39:54

Try not to worry, I like you, have long cycles and had x2 early scans due to bleeding - just over 5 weeks and a follow-up at 6w5d. The first scan picked up the same as you...everything is so tiny it is so hard to judge. It is likely that it would have been too early for you to hear a heartbeat as it isnt possible before 6 weeks as it would be too early and it is still common at even 6 weeks to not hear as everyone is different.

Try not to spend the next 2 weeks panicking which I know is hard but relax as much as possible and take care of yourself. You will have a lot more clarity when you go back for your next scan as things will be still be small but clearer xx

MouseLove Sun 15-Jan-17 16:32:10

I'm sorry you are worried. I'm 7 weeks and still getting 2-3 on the digital. So I've decided to put them down and enjoy instead. I have absolutely no symptoms. Of course I have had my wobbles and worries but you are pregnant, like me, no bleeding? Nope. And I'm sure in a few weeks you'll see a lovely heartbeat and then you can worry less until the 12 week scan. Try to enjoy. X

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