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What can I eat?

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TheNewMrsGerardButler Sun 15-Jan-17 10:17:02

I'm nearly 35 weeks pregnant. Some days I'm super hungry and then other days, like today, I have zero appetite. DP keeps asking what I want for dinner but I struggle to think of things most days. I eat for baby's sake. Today, the thought of food is so unappealing but obviously I need to eat something. We are doing a quick shop soon, any ideas on what I could buy? Thinking more snacks than actual meals tbh.

Oh and to make things worse, our fridge freezer is broke and we won't be getting another one until we move next weekend so no freezer foods either.

Mouse510 Sun 15-Jan-17 10:28:37

I'm 33 weeks and can't face eating much at a time either. Some of these are appealing;
Jacket potatoes (small ones so not too filling)
Chopped up fruit (pineapple in particular)
A bowl of cereal
Greek yoghurt and fruit
Carrot sticks and hummus (my DH does homemade, much cheaper and tastier than shop bought)
Omelette/frittata or eggs in any form really
A small bowl of soup
Oatcakes with peanut butter and apple

Also I think you are a rock star for moving house at this stage in pregnancy- I'm finding it hard enough to stay on top of my nesting instincts without a house move thrown in!

Snowflakes1122 Sun 15-Jan-17 10:37:11

Soup? I have made/bought quite a bit as it's easy to eat and healthy.

Gardencentregroupie Sun 15-Jan-17 10:40:10

When I'm not hungry I just don't eat. Baby will be fine, goodness knows I have enough reserves that neither of us will starve if I skip a meal every now and then. The alternative is crippling heartburn.

Maybe some toast and peanut butter or fruit spread or hummus if you really feel you have to eat.

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