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Best private hospital for water births?

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mummyymc Sat 14-Jan-17 20:47:49

I have a dilemma... really looking to plan my first pregnancy as a water birth (after a lot of reading) and currently deciding between Westminster Suite @ Guy's and St Thomas vs Portland.

Guy's and St Thomas
Would be Consultant led circa £6k + up to another £6-7k for hospital, anaesthetist etc. However have only found 1 consultant who would support water birthing. Speaking to their midwives, they aren't enthusiastic either which doesn't give me much confidence about their experience nor the popularity.
Has anyone found this to be the case also? I also cannot find many threads on water birthing experiences there...

Over £9k for midwife led antenatal care which doesn't include a lot of the checks and scans you might want with private, and in case of complications or c-section allow a further £5k minimum.

Can anyone share their experience(s) at all?
Thanks so much!

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