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16 weeks but don't feel pregnant

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user1483133994 Sat 14-Jan-17 16:59:37

Im 16 plus 4 days pregnant but feel 'normal'- no symptoms at all. I was lucky enough to have no sickness at all for first 12 weeks, 12 week scan was fine, but I'm concerned as I don't feel pregnant at all and have no bump! I have a midwife appointment next week but wondered if anyone was similar? Thanks

sophiaslullaby Sat 14-Jan-17 19:54:50

I've been thinking the same as you but i'm only 8 weeks. I did read (clutching at straws?!) that having no symptoms isn't a bad thing, could just mean that your body has taken to pregnancy really well and handling it all amazingly. I took those straws and ran with it!
Then again I'm pregnant with DC2 so my hands are already full with DS1 who's 14months - the moment I get a chance to think about myself I fall asleep grin (really one of my only symptoms - exhaustion, but again is that because of my toddler..?)

Showing a bump can depend on so much. Is this your first pregnancy? Are you tall? Have quite a toned stomach? And the final note is - you're in your 2nd trimester, I felt 'normal' in my 2nd trimester.
Hope all goes well with your appt next week flowers

SuperManStoleMyPants Sat 14-Jan-17 21:46:16

If it helps I'm 18+4 with a small bump and continued sickness and I still don't feel pregnant! Baby is kicking, I'm in maternity clothes, my bras don't fit and underwire is uncomfortable, I'm buying baby bits and pieces in the sales, forever having to have conversations with family about baby and the future and I still don't feel pregnant.

I swear I'm in some kind of denial. grin

user1468957349 Sun 15-Jan-17 07:34:49

I was exactly the same and didn't feel at all real until I felt the baby move regularly from about 22 weeks (19+2 I felt first movement but nothing regular). Like you I was completely symptom and bump free in fact I've only had a noticeable bump to strangers the last couple of weeks (now 36+6). Enjoy this stage whilst you can as for me I'm so frustrated now - I'm usually a really active person and now my mind still works at its usual pace but my body can't keep up hmm

MouseLove Sun 15-Jan-17 13:34:08

I'm so glad you posted this. I'm 7 week, have absolutely no symptoms and trying not to worry. I really hope it's just my body taking it like a champ since I've had no cramps or bleeds, but until I see baby i think I'm going to be wondering if this is normal. X

user1483133994 Tue 17-Jan-17 17:11:36

Hi everyone, thank you so much for your comments it made me feel a lot better. Had appointment today with midwife and all was good - even heard heartbeat so there definitely in there! smile I guess i've just been one of the lucky ones although I still don't think i'll believe it until she/he arrives!!

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