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Coil + pregnant

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Pigglypoo Sat 14-Jan-17 12:44:24

Good afternoon

I have just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant but have a copper coil in situ. Monday, I am booked in for a scan at the hospital but I am scared. Has anyone else been here? Tell me what to expect?

Thank you.

NauseousNancy Sat 14-Jan-17 16:52:32


I am 18 weeks pregnant, and had the coil in place when I fell pregnant.

I went for a scan at early pregnancy. I had an external and internal scan, which showed where the baby was (and a heartbeat smile) and where the coil was. The coil has slipped down my cervix a little so was far away from the baby. They removed it there and then, was relatively painless. I was 7+2 at this stage so very similar to you.

ask away if you have any questions!

Pigglypoo Sat 14-Jan-17 17:15:56

Thank you so much for replying! I am 6+5, so 7 weeks on the day of the scan. I was told they normally leave the coil in? Did they give you any 'risks' of removing the coil? Did you get a picture of the scan?

NauseousNancy Sat 14-Jan-17 17:48:44

You are welcome smile

As far as I am aware they prefer to take it out, if possible.

I was told there was a risk of miscarriage removing it, but leaving it in meant a risk of a miscarriage in the second trimester, or a stillbirth. I made the decision that if something awful was to happen, I would rather it did earlier rather than further into my pregnancy.

I think it all depends on where the coil is as to what they advise. I was told my chance of miscarriage was relatively low because the coil was so far away from the baby. However, through a friend i know another lady who kept hers in throughout the pregnancy and had a healthy baby. She was just monitored more closely.

I did get a picture of the scan, which is lovely to compare to my 12 week scan!

Pigglypoo Sat 14-Jan-17 19:03:45

Thank you so much for your reply, it has really put my mind at rest!

I am hoping that I go on Monday and they say the coil just fell out without me noticing. Xxx

Tutu1000 Sat 14-Jan-17 19:06:53

I worked with a lady who became pregnant whilst having a copper coil. They left her's in place throughout her pregnancy. She had a normal pregnancy and according to her it was embedded in the placenta. her son was absolutely fine.

WreckTangled Sat 14-Jan-17 19:43:16

I got pregnant with the mirena coil, like pp mine had slipped down.

They removed the coil straight away and ds is now four smile

NauseousNancy Sat 14-Jan-17 20:27:37

Let us know how you get on! All the staff I met were wonderful and put me at ease straight away. Good luck - and look after yourself the next few days, I know how stressful it is xxx

Pigglypoo Sat 14-Jan-17 21:16:43

Thank you all. The boyfriend thinks he is a miracle worker at the moment!

Will let you all know Monday x

Zippidydoodah Sat 14-Jan-17 21:22:32

Omg! Hope all is ok.

Pigglypoo Mon 16-Jan-17 17:09:14

So I went for my scan today and I am 100% pregnant (but only about 5.5 weeks). My coil is still there but very low down in the cervix. During the scan the sonographer was pretty sure she could see the heartbeat but wasn't 100% sure. The gyno tried to remove my coil, with no luck - I have a very deep cervix. This means I have to go back in 10 no nearer to knowing!

WreckTangled Mon 16-Jan-17 17:43:46

Piggly you have my sympathies. It was similar with ds. I had a first scan really early so they said that I would have to go back in a week. They took the coil out and said I had an increased risk of miscarriage once it was removed. I felt like I was constantly waiting for something to go wrong. It didn't though smile I hope everything works out for you

Pigglypoo Mon 16-Jan-17 18:07:38

Thank you! I wish they had managed to remove the coil today, because I would have felt like 'something' was done x

Tunnocksmallow Mon 16-Jan-17 18:14:33

This happened to me.
I went for a scan at the early pregnancy unit. After spending half an hour convincing the consultant I'd had a positive test, they scanned me, couldn't find a baby, done an internal scan... baby was hiding behind the coil! I was 4 weeks! In fact the consultant was convinced it was a cyst at 1st! They removed the coil there and then. They said a slight risk of miscarriage, but all was fine.

DD is now a very stubborn 13 year old. I say she was stubborn from the very beginning to even be here!

Purplebluebird Mon 16-Jan-17 18:21:45

I'm so scared of this happening that I take a pregnancy test every month despite being on the Mirena coil sad I cannot have more babies (I take strong medications that would cause massive issues to a baby conceived). So scared. Best of luck though!

Pigglypoo Fri 27-Jan-17 07:51:19

Hello lovely ladies, I thought I would give you all an update. Yesterday I went for another scan. The baby now has a heartbeat and measuring 7 weeks and 4 days. Also they managed to get my coil out; which means I am in bed rest for 3 days because they risk of miscarriage is very high. Fingers crossed I can get through the weekend x

Coreynkayden Fri 27-Jan-17 07:54:59

Yep im also 5 weeks 5 days today and was on coil wen i got pregnant hope all goes well for you smile xx

EIsbethTascioni Fri 27-Jan-17 07:57:50

This thread is terrifying.

As Purple says, a pregnancy would be devastating for us, medications and poor MH, not to mention we can't afford it.

The mirena is supposed to be as affective as sterilisation and yet here you all are with your surprise babies shock


EIsbethTascioni Fri 27-Jan-17 07:58:11

*effective. My phone hates me.

EIsbethTascioni Fri 27-Jan-17 07:58:34

Congratulations, by the way, and good luck. flowers

Pigglypoo Fri 27-Jan-17 08:21:53

Did you have your coil removed Coreynkayden? I didn't think they were going to be able to get mine out.

I totally agree Elsbeth - I nearly dropped down from shock when I got the positive test! Especially as I have PCOS too. The boyfriend thinks he is the 'big man' now. Luckily for us we had talked about having a baby soon and knew we were in the same place.

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