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I feel so lonely

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PatsFan Fri 13-Jan-17 20:58:12

I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have quite bad anxiety and am waiting till Tuesday to see my GP about going back on anxiety medicine. I have become obsessed with the idea that my baby is going to die. I literally cannot get through an hour without thinking about it. I have an anterior placenta which mean I can barely feel her which so I am plagued with the idea that she isn't alive anymore. If I could I would be at the hospital every day having them check on her sad. I have been referred to the mental health team but I haven't seen them yet. I feel like I can't talk to any of my family or my OH without sounding like a complete mad person because none of them have been pregnant (apart from my mum obviously and she said she never worried about not being able to feel me move). I feel so stressed all of the time because I can't relax as I'm so frightened when I can't feel the baby.

harleysmammy Fri 13-Jan-17 22:40:53

Im 24 weeks and had anxiety before i was pregnant. Got so bad up until i was 21 weeks ish, had a break down at least 3 times a day because i would be googling everything. This is so pathetic but i had a few spots on my stomach when i was 18 weeks, had a migraine for days and my shoulder was hurting. I was adamant i had either meningitis or pre eclampsia. I was practically hysterically on the phone to my midwife. Turns out it was neither. I have an anterior placenta too but i can feel him moving strong all the time every day..the minute he doesnt move for half an hour, im panicking again. I think pregnancy makes anxiety 100 x worse, especially if you've actually suffered with anxiety beforehand. Im super lucky i have my dad and my family but i feel like i annoy them when i go on about my worrys too even though i know they wanna make sure im okay. I think you should find some one to talk too like maybe go and meet some friends or talk to your family but just know that even though you feel lonely and you probably feel like its just you that feels like this, it isnt only you. Hope you're okay x

Trulyamnearanear Sat 14-Jan-17 11:16:02

Hello. Are you consultant led for mental health? Say yes to help and keep asking. I found mental health services in pg a lot more accessible than the rest of the time. I hope you find the same. flowers

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