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Six weeks pregnant, symptoms have stopped

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Jenz8675309 Fri 13-Jan-17 19:27:30

Hi everyone!
I'm pregnant for the first time and looking for some advice!
I think I'm just over six weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure the pregnancys going well for two reasons:
1. I have mental cramps, I know that some light intermittent cramps are normal and I do have that as well, but a few times a day I get these crazy, worse than period, paralysing cramps. They're not on one side and I've never had a drop of blood with them.
2. About 4 days ago all my symptoms just switched off! I went from agonising boobs among a few other mild symptoms to absolutely nothing, if I didn't know I was pregnant I'd never guess.

I'm not seeing a midwife for 2 weeks, does anyone think either of these sound like I need help sooner??
Any advice or past experience would be great!

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