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Taste in my mouth making me ill :(

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minime88 Fri 13-Jan-17 18:52:24

I am 8 weeks and have a foul taste in my mouth that just won't go away no matter what I do!

My nausea and sickness seem to be getting slightly better but if the taste in my mouth is bad then it can make the nausea even worse.

Please help!!! Someone give me a magic cure sad

Elllicam Fri 13-Jan-17 18:53:52

Is it metallic? I have been having this too, apparently citrus fruits can help.

minime88 Fri 13-Jan-17 19:03:15

I guess so.....I would describe it more as bitter! I've got to the point where I can handle the nausea but this taste is really bringing me down!

Sittingunderafrostysky Fri 13-Jan-17 19:06:12

I had that with both pregnancies. Bet thing I found was grapes. If you freeze them first, they are heaven.

minime88 Fri 13-Jan-17 19:08:40

Thanks- I'll definitely try that, I'm desperate! Can't remember the taste being this bad in my first pregnancy! Cucumber works well but it's only temporary relief sad

Sugarcoma Fri 13-Jan-17 19:28:28

I've had a bad taste in my mouth on and off throughout this pregnancy :/ Currently the only thing that helps me is the taste of de-cafe coffee!?

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