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Babyzen vs GB pocket

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calimommy Fri 13-Jan-17 17:41:22

Apologies: I've put this on two boards because I'm not sure how much traffic the pushchair board gets.

We live abroad and so spend a good bit of time flying home for visits. I have an umbrella stroller which I use for travel but often it fails to turn up at the gate of the airplane. Which is vuuury annoying when you have a 1&3yo and tonnes of carry on. Also we are now hopefully expecting again.

Has anyone used these? Are they worth the money (more the babyzen I suppose because it's more expensive) and then are they any good for using when you arrive at your destination? Are they flimsy?


Anatidae Fri 13-Jan-17 17:46:28

I have the pockit. It's amazing for taking on the plane. Not so good at destination- no recline and no decent sunshade. For me it's perfect because I need it to be as small as possible when I fly with ds. I have mobility issues and I can't carry him through and airport. The pockit means I can actually fly alone with him. When we get to our destination (grandparents) they have a buggy so no need for us to use it.
Yoyo a little bigger but it's a 'proper' buggy - recline, sunshade etc.

TBH in your situation I'd go for the yoyo. They are brilliant things and more versatile than the pockit. Good resale value too.

calimommy Fri 13-Jan-17 17:52:01


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