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Healthy Pregnancy Snacks

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CatRash Fri 13-Jan-17 13:47:37


I'm 12+4 and bloody ravenous all the time! Before getting pregnant I didn't eat breakfast and didn't snack. My DH and midwife both told me to eat breakfast - and I've having either an orange or a slice of toast. However eating breakfast has just kick-started my appetite and now I'm constantly hungry!!

I need snacks which are mega convenient (i.e. can be eaten at my desk or while driving) but I don't want to have to much processed convenience food.

Other than fruit (satsumas, apples, pears, grapes and bananas - and dried fruit)
And crisps (naughty)

What is there??! I was thinking boiling some eggs but even that's fairly faffy with peeling them and all!

What is everyone else snacking on? Goon - tempt me!!

arbrighton Fri 13-Jan-17 13:49:39

takes moments to peel a hard boiled egg but that'd make me gag to eat even before I was pg....

I used to have to shell around 3 dozen to make egg mayo for sandwiches in supermarket too :/

FrizzBombDelight Fri 13-Jan-17 14:06:20

My go too snacks atm are apple slices with almond butter, oranges or crackers with cheese. I go for the higher fat/protein options because they keep me fuller for longer. If I have toast or cereal I am STARVING again within the hour confused

FrizzBombDelight Fri 13-Jan-17 14:11:26

I also made mini banana muffins with flaxseed and all in, I keep them in the freezer and blitz one in the microwave for 1min as needed. I like those mini soreen (sp?) loaves too but they probably don't count as healthy. My partner gets those chocolate/oaty protein bars which aren't too sweet so I often steal those.

gigi556 Fri 13-Jan-17 15:04:14

Try Purition protein shakes. They are made in the UK and not your normal protein shake. Only natural, healthy ingredients. It's basically whey protein, a bunch of nuts and seeds, psyllium husk (amazing for constipation!) and some stevia which is a plant sweetener. Whatever flavor you get will have that too. I mix with almond milk and find it a good mid morning snack that's filling. I also use half the amount they say is a portion (i.e. 2 scoops not 4). I think they want you to use it up quickly and re buy!

Other good snacks might be rice cakes, apples, celery or carrot sticks with peanut butter. Hummus with veggies is good too. Overnight oats is yummy - natural yoghurt with oatmeal, chia seeds, honey, fruit and nut butter. Mix it all up the night before and take out of the fridge. If you eat protein rich foods like eggs and nuts you'll stay fuller longer. Good luck!

CatRash Sat 14-Jan-17 08:40:57

Great ideas Frizz! Crackers and cheese - amazing idea!!! Making mini muffins and freezing them!!! Never would have thought of that, gonna pop to Tesco later and pick up some bananas and seeds!

Hummus! And Tzatziki too! I love making both but never thought of them as a snack before - usually do them to accompany BBQs! Will check out the protein shakes a.d overnight oats too!!

Thank you all for the great ideas!

GreenGoblin0 Sat 14-Jan-17 08:55:42

get some unsalted nuts to snack on at work.

Whatsername17 Sat 14-Jan-17 09:01:24

Celery filled with crunchy peanut butter. It's very filling and takes ages to eat.

marmitecheesetoast Sat 14-Jan-17 09:04:04

I grazed constantly at my desk during first trimester, also went for higher fat (good fat) things to fill me up more and found protein helped with nausea. My favourites;

Apple and nut butter (cashew, almond, peanut - meridian do good nut butters)
Oat cakes and nut butter
Carrots/any veg and hummus
Little pot of cherry tomatoes, cubed feta and olives
Natural yoghurt and almonds
Also sometimes nuts and dried fruit but that is high in sugar. Helps when you want something sweet though.

Hope that helps! I'm always on the lookout for new healthy 'real food' east snack ideas for work!

Welshy11 Sat 14-Jan-17 10:14:32

My go to at the moment is whole foods peanut butter with sunflower seeds and flax seed with apple or cheese oat biscuits with cottage cheese and some ham. Also trying to not snack on bad foods but a few square of really dark chocolate when the sweet urge takes over!

Mooseville Sat 14-Jan-17 16:58:53

I got some dark chocolate coated rice cakes from Aldi. I find they curb both carb and sweet craving and are great as a mid morning snack!

I second nuts too!

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