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Electric Blankets - Yes or NO?

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redhead07702 Thu 22-Feb-07 20:20:40

Hi Ladies, Im 21 weeks and today went for a massage and they had an electric blanket on the bed (it was on very very low) so not much heat. Anyway after that I read you are not supposed to be on electric blankets because of the electric magnetic field or something. So of course now I'm worried. I have had 3 one hour massages altogether. Just wanted to know if you ladies have ever slept or laid on electric blankets while pregnant and was everything okay with the baby. Thanks, you ladies are the best.

forgottenfreetime Thu 22-Feb-07 23:36:17

I don' by the know anything for sure redhead but this seems like a bit of a scare story to me. Lots of things give off electromagnetic fields (the tv for instance) and we aren't advised against them genrally during pregnancy so I'd be vey confident that you and your baby will be unaffected by the massages you've had so far. When you thin about it you'd normally ahve the blanket on all night not just an hour or so. HTH

themoon66 Thu 22-Feb-07 23:42:52

Slept on electric blankets (switched on) through the winters of two pregnancies to no ill effect.

I just took em off the bed towards the end in case my waters broke.

Uki Fri 23-Feb-07 10:28:25

i think they say no electric blankets, because you can overheat, just like hot bath. i don't think there are any magnetic fields off blankets unless they contain some of those silly thereputic magnnets in them too. Don't worry Red baby will be fine.

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