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Whooping cough vaccination

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Pregnantmumma123 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:03:35

Hi all,

I am 30 weeks pregnant and had the whooping cough vaccination as recommended to me 8 days ago now. It was the combined vaccine with whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria. I found the jab itself painful, then for 24-48 hours after could barely move my arm, certainly couldn't sleep on it etc and felt quite groggy in myself. Anyway that all settled down and I thought no more of it, until two days ago (6 days post jab!) my arm got incredibly sore again, felt feverish and tired, really weak arm, waking me in the night, and it still hasn't gone away yet! It's 9 days tomorrow since I had the jab and it's frustrating me now.
Has anyone experienced anything similar with this jab?!

Pastabest Thu 12-Jan-17 21:30:08

I had mine recently and was warned that what you have described could be the side affects and to take paracetamol if necessary. I had a sore arm for two days, really sore overnight particularly.

The nurse who administered it said you were more likely to have a bigger reaction if you had previously had exposure/immunity to it.

hopsalong Thu 12-Jan-17 22:05:34

I had mine last week and have been extremely ill since the following day. I know it isn't a live vaccine etc etc but had escaped colds all winter and, combined with the fantastically sore arm, seems a bit of a coincidence. (Like yours my arm pain has come and gone -- sore around the spot and aching the next two days, then feeling better, then came back and felt more like a muscle tear and could barely lift it.) Also had four days of high temperature (101/2, took paracetamol) and flu like symptoms (had flu jab at same time, but it caused no arm pain), which have ended up turning into a sinus infection with green snot for which I've been given antibiotics... I can't say that the whooping cough jab gave me sinusitis, but it seemed to knock my system for six. Felt strange by the following morning. Had one two years ago, too, and had milder reaction then.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 13-Jan-17 08:45:07

Had wc few weeks ago (I'm now 29w) and yes hurt (unlike flu jab) and arm sore for a good 4:5 days after

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