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LadySlytherin24 Thu 12-Jan-17 20:19:01

I had some bloods done last Wednesday as I was feeling more tired and had black bags under my eyes. I am 27 weeks (7 months on sunday) blood results show my iron is low and so are my folate levels. I am on tablets for both now. Any one else going through similar?

Pregnantmumma123 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:22:23

I am 30 weeks and had the same thing - 28 week bloods showed low iron and I've been especially tired and out of breath too. On iron tablets which I find hard to tolerate so I'm going back to the GP to see if they will give me some liquid iron - apparently it's much gentler on your stomach...
This happened with my first preg except I didn't realise I should keep taking the iron after the birth too, so I became v anaemic shortly after DS1 was born. Keep taking them with some orange juice to absorb it quicker and hope it helps you! X

aaahhhBump Thu 12-Jan-17 21:31:37

Wee bit TMI

If they gave you ferisfumerate go back and aske for Ferissulphate and take with high vitamin C either tablets or orange juice. Its better for not ending up constipated but not guaranteed so ask for a bottle of lactuose or get some prune juice.

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