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Pregnancy after vasectomy

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FarFromBeingGruntled Thu 12-Jan-17 18:16:45

I have 2 wonderful DC - DS (5) and DD (2). DH and I have always wanted 2 kids, at no point before or since having children has that changed. Consequently, after DD was born we decided DH should get the snip.
He had to have a few tests (fairly normal)
but finally got given the all clear at the beginning of November.

I have just found out I'm pregnant. (My cycles are quite long, around 6 weeks, so basically the first cycle since we got the letter telling us he's infertile confused). Obviously, as with all contraception, there is a risk, but this is not a situation we expected to be in. We are definitely keeping the baby, but it literally changes almost everything, and is taking some getting our heads around! So really I was just wondering if there's anyone else out there this has happened to, and how you got to grips with a larger family than you intended?
(To add to the situation, my wonderful DB has very recently found out he is unable to have children, so it feels terrible to be upset about a baby when he and his wife would give anything for one)

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