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Am I eating too much?

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Justcurious000 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:13:29

25 weeks and I cannot stop eating, my appetite is off the chain. I am worried I am going to have a huge baby!

Is this a lot?

Breakfast: two slices of white toast with marmite

Snacks: 2 packs of quavers and a pack of Barney biscuits. An hour afterward a slice of chocolate cake.

Lunch, cheese pasta salad with a dollop of mayo.

Dinner and this was at 3 o clock because I was so hungry: tuna salad with white rice

5 chocolate digestives.

What would you guys class as a lot or normal?

Whatsername17 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:33:22

It's more that you are seriously lacking in fruit and veg. I'm 38+6 and a typical day for me is wholemeal toast for breakfast or weetabix and a banana, fruit midmorning, lunch is either a cheese or egg salad sandwich and crisps or a nice salad and crisps, tea tonight was mushroom, chilli and tomato risotto. Id concentrate on getting some healthy stuff rather than worrying too much about quantity.

SpunBodgeSquarepants Thu 12-Jan-17 19:11:13

Man, I am so guilty of snacking on shit when I know I shouldn't as well. In the end I just binned all the junk food I had and filled up my fruit bowl.
I know it's not nearly as appetising as Quavers and chocolate digestives, but now if I'm hungry I'll eat slices of apple with a small amount of cheddar, or a bowl of green veg such as broccoli and French beans with a bit of gravy. Boring as hell, but I have to say I do feel better for it. I'm only 7 weeks along as opposed to 25 though.

ConvincingLiar Thu 12-Jan-17 19:27:55

There's quite a lot of crap there. (I'm 25 weeks and have had 2 biscuits and one scone today so far from perfect). The additional calories you need when pregnant are pretty low aren't they? If you could tackle your snacking for something more nutritious maybe you'd feel better.

SpunBodgeSquarepants Thu 12-Jan-17 19:38:26

You only need an additional 200 calories a day in the last trimester.
Protein would make you feel fuller for longer - so maybe a chicken salad or scrambled egg on toast? I'd make little chicken kebabs on sticks to snack on but that's probably quite boring. Do you like baked beans? they're probably not too bad.

Quarksoundslikequack Thu 12-Jan-17 19:42:36

That's a lot of not good for you food op.

I'm 26 + 6 & I have

45g of Bran Flakes with 100ml of Oat milk

1 apple
4 strawberries
20 grapes
1 kiwi

1 pack of rice-250g

300g chicken
Half a lettuce (like the big ball lol)
6 beetroot
1 pack of rice

Maybe have 125g quark mixed with 1 11g sachet if highlights & sweetener.

Definitely try & fit good foods in there!

Foggymist Thu 12-Jan-17 21:29:45

There's just a lot of crap and sugary food there, I ate as much good food as I could stuff in and limited the junk snacks, they are what could affect blood sugar levels and lead to excess weight gain etc.

Spam88 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:31:25

Your snacks are pretty bad but you're probably eating them because your meals are so inadequate. Just white toast and marmite for breakfast leaves me starving by the time I get to work. You need more protein and fruit and veg.

Oysterbabe Thu 12-Jan-17 21:33:59

You eating a lot and hungry because you're eating loads of white processed carbs. If you ditched those and had, wholemeal, fat and protein instead you wouldn't be constantly hungry.

Nottalotta Thu 12-Jan-17 21:36:43

I a certain extent you have to eat what you want when pregnant. By that I mean, my body seems to crave savoury carby things. I ate 7 salted rice cakes as a snack the other day.

I try and get healthy stuff in too though.

Breakfast branflakes, ss milk. Banana or strawberries on top.
Snack - Greek yogurt, satsuma, Apple.
Lunch today was a fried egg sandwich. Not great......often have cheese and crackers with crudités/fruit.
Snack rice cakes. Fruit.
Dinner - chicken thighs roasted with new potatoes, chorizo, red onion. Veg)(frozen.....)

I'm doing better on the fruit than the veg as by dinner time I cba.

KatnissMellark Thu 12-Jan-17 21:38:17

I'm 28 weeks and finding I'm starving all the time. It is hard not to eat shite all the time- I think a treat a day isn't too bad (ie either slice of cake, biscuits, crisps but not all). Try some healthier snacks- rice cakes with peanut butter, yoghurt, glass milk, bowl of wholewheat type Cereal, fruit/veg and maybe some more filling meals- salad just doesn't cut it for me anymore, it leaves me hungry amd feeling dizzy within a couple of hours. I've found soup with wholemeal bread and cheese or noodles with chicken food quick lunches.

milpool Thu 12-Jan-17 21:43:00

You're pregnant. Don't worry.

I pretty much existed on Lucozade and Greggs sausage rolls during my first pregnancy.

This time around I have definitely eaten wayyyy too many takeaways.

If you feel like you can cram in fruit and veg and have the energy to cook from scratch every night then great, go nuts.

If not, don't worry. Your baby will be fine.

Justcurious000 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:45:02

Thanks everyone, you all seem so good and disciplined! I'm really overloading on carbs, the wrong type too. I've made a list of meals and snacks I can do and am going shopping tomorrow to get the stuff.

Justcurious000 Thu 12-Jan-17 21:46:54

That makes me feel better lol. KFC is my fave take out ATM grin

milpool Thu 12-Jan-17 21:47:58

Shall I tell you what I have eaten today? It might make you feel better.

Breakfast: brioche roll, orange juice
Then at breastfeeding group I had a tea and a chocolate biscuit and a pain au raisin thing

Lunch: roast veg panini, most of my toddler's tuna sandwich that she didn't eat, half a pack of Pom Bears (shared with toddler), a can of Coke, a hot chocolate with marshmallows

Tea: veg tart with potato wedges

I have also just eaten several Milk Tray chocolates to calm me down from hellish toddler bedtime.

Yesterday? Yesterday included a kebab and onion rings.

Honestly. Don't worry!

INeedNewShoes Thu 12-Jan-17 21:51:14

Just try to have some protein and some fruit/veg with every meal and you'll probably snack less.

I'm 23 weeks and have the odd day where I eat rubbish snacks but I make sure my meals do well on nutritional value as well.

summerskittles91 Fri 13-Jan-17 08:40:33

I was a bit like you OP, i suffered with sickness for the first16 weeks so barely kept anything down, from about week 20-25 i ate LOADS of junk. but after a bit my appetite started going down a bit. I eat more fruit and fresh veg now. Id say you should cut out some of the junk and replace with fruit, but tbh i can imagine your appetite will vary over the coming weeks anyway, the junk craving is hopefully a phase that will pass.

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Fri 13-Jan-17 09:03:05

Agree with PP, its not to much the quantity, but rather the choices of food.

I am eating A LOT. And just been to midwife this morning and am still the same weight as my booking in appointment. This is what I ate yesterday:

1st breakfast 6:30 2 weetabix

2nd breakfast at work 9:30 Pack of dried chocolate cereals and a cup of tea

Mid morning: apple

Midday: breadsticks

Lunchtime: Bowl of salad with loads of dressing + chicken breast and rice. A mcdonalds ice cream

When I got home at 7pm: A cup of tea and a slice of cake

Tea: Pulled pork tacos (loads, probably about 10 tacos) with guacamole and salad. Fruit and chocolate fondant.

Helbelle75 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:52:46

I'm 28 weeks and my appetite is calming down now, but between about 21 and 26 weeks and couldn't fill myself up! I ate a lot of cake as well, but I was also eating my fair share of fruit and veg. Bump has grown quite a bit over that time, but still measuring perfectly at my 26 week appointment and no signs of diabetes etc.
Try not to worry about it, but make sure you are eating the healthy stuff too.

MinnieNoush Wed 18-Jan-17 14:01:06

I wouldn't stress too much. I am usually really healthy but have found that since being pregnant i just crave unhealthy crap all the time. What aim trying to do is at least balance it out, so yes I eat the Glaxy and the ice-cream and the cakes, but I try to at least up my intake of fruit and veg too, i find that little satsumas and nice green apples are great for snacking and fulfil the sweet craving. Also try and replace the white carbs with brown, i.e. brown toast, brown rice, brown pasta.
But seriously don't worry too much.
ps: make sure you are taking your folic acid, my midwife told me that the baby will get what it needs from that and for me not to worry too much.

LaraG13 Thu 19-Jan-17 08:10:47

I was so insanely hungry and sick when pregnant that I couldn't really control what I ate or how much. I normally eat well and have good willpower but it all totally went to pot. I needed to eat constantly and I ate whatever fulfilled the need at that time. Healthy food wasn't what I could stomach. I've never experienced that kind of hunger or lack of control over what I ate. I just went with it and didn't get upset - pregnancy is hard enough. I'm now 3 months post partum and almost as soon as the baby was born I started craving healthy foods again and my appetite just shot straight back to normal. I'm only a few pounds off pre-pregnancy weight now and have found healthy eating easy. Pregnancy is temporary. Get through it however you can. If you're eating enough and taking supplements you and your baby with be adequately provided for nutritionally. Unless you have put on stones and stones of weight and are at risk as a result I really wouldn't worry.

Justcurious000 Thu 19-Jan-17 21:27:24

Thanks, how much did your baby weigh in the end?

clumsyduck Thu 19-Jan-17 21:34:53

Genuine question sorry if I sound daft but does how much you eat actually affect the size of baby ? doesnt the excess weight from over eating just lead to weight gain for the mum ??

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