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Waterfeature Thu 12-Jan-17 15:46:20

I've had bad diarrhoea a couple of times in this pg. (I'm 7+6, got older children but last pg I had a mc.)

I don't remember this in previous pregnancies. I'm worried I won't be absorbing my Pregnacare vits. And I'm also fretting that it may be a sign that things are going wrong again.

Has anyone else experienced this?

KatnissMellark Thu 12-Jan-17 15:53:10

I had lots of diarrhoea in first trimester (often multiple times a day), it has settled significantly (now 30 weeks) but I still get it sometimes.

Stay hydrated
Try to identify a trigger (mine was dairy) and minimise
Take your pregnacare with a meal
Or switch to just folic acid and vit D (as pregnacare may actually be contributing to it)

And of course, speak to MW or GP if very concerned.

Waterfeature Thu 12-Jan-17 15:57:22

Thanks for your comments, that's very helpful.

Yes, maybe I'll try just folic acid and vit D.

Can't think of any triggers... I normally have a cast-iron digestive system!

KatnissMellark Thu 12-Jan-17 16:02:29

Hope you feel better soon - it really worried me so much as mine was accompanied by cramping...I'm pretty sure when y contractions start I won't be able to tell if it's baby on the way or if I just need the loo blush

eastcoastmum2014 Thu 12-Jan-17 16:05:09

I had it in the first trimester, and then again with iron tablets, and then now from about 34 weeks I have been switching between constipation and diarrhea (37 weeks) pregnancy is so glamorous! Xx

user1468957349 Thu 12-Jan-17 20:58:49

I suffered a lot over Xmas (probably down to the rich food) but found yakult once a day sorted it out really quickly. Worth a go - or bio yoghurt x

MouseLove Thu 12-Jan-17 21:26:35

I'm 6+4 and suffering too. Once or twice a day and I'm also taking pregnacare original. I thought it might be the pregnacare but today I've had it during the day wayyyyy after or before I'd taken a vitamin so I think it's food triggered. I don't have any other symptoms at all. I did read though that it can be very normal.

Waterfeature Thu 12-Jan-17 21:52:11

Had some chilli flakes with supper and lunch, could have been that. Will try the bio yog, thanks.

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