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Pregnant again straight after first MMC, anyone get an early scan on NHS?

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oliversmummy26 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:37:41

I had a MMC at 10 weeks 6 weeks ago and am now pregnant again without having had a AF since bleeding stopped two days after MVA.

Just wondering if anyone was offered an early scan to check dates? I have booking in with midwife in two weeks, all I have to go on is the MMC dates which put me at around 6 weeks...I don't want to miss out on the screenings at 12 weeks and know that the bloods also have to be taken at the right time...

I'll ask my midwife, but am doubtful that I'll get one, so just wondered what other people have done/been offered?

Whatsername17 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:41:44

I did. It was offered to me because I was such a mess. I phoned the midwife to say I was pregnant, explained everything and she saw me at 7 weeks to book in. Whilst I was there she phoned the epu and got me seen a few days later. Good luck flowers

Dizzydaisylou Thu 12-Jan-17 12:44:23

I did. I was told after my mc that they would scan me early for reassurance, I just called the early pregnancy unit once pregnant and the booked me in no problem. They actually scanned me twice a week apart for extra reassurance even though I didn't ask for it. I would definitely request it if it's not been offered.

Whatsername17 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:45:05

I should add, for the first time in my life, I didn't hide my crazy. I just let it all out and ended up sobbing. My pregnancy has been difficult and I've been very anxious. I'm 38+6 now.

oliversmummy26 Thu 12-Jan-17 13:21:51

Thanks ladies, I will probably wait until my booking in appointment and speak to midwife, maybe dial up the anxiety a little and see if I can get an early scan.
If anything I guess I would be less pregnant than I think I am, so waiting a couple of weeks would be better for scan result anyway, as doubt very much anything will be picked up this early which will just make me worry more!
Realistically, there is nothing at the moment to suggest that there is a problem, I just can't help worrying. So will continue knicker checking and symptom analysing until I can speak to a professional about it!

GreedyDuck Thu 12-Jan-17 15:40:14

I would imagine that your EPU would be fine seeing you to try and establish dates and relieve you of completely understandable anxiety.

I had an early scan at the EPU when I got pregnant again after my first mmc, although it was nine months later, due to anxiety. Fortunately all was fine that time.

I've just had another mmc and I asked the sonographer at the EPU if they would see me early if I manage to conceive again (as I know my anxiety will be through the roof) and she said yes, absolutely.

Good luck.

Blueskyrain Thu 12-Jan-17 18:24:48

Massive congratulations :-) really pleased for you.

If they won't give you an early scan, I'd really reccomend a private scan to put your mind at ease.

Blackberrybakewell Thu 12-Jan-17 18:40:28

I got pregnant again two months after a MMC (utterly horrendous, so sorry for your loss).

My doctor referred me for an early scan after I cried at my booking in but the hospital then wrote to say they don't offer early scans for 'just' one miscarriage, only if you've had two or more. I was an anxious mess so we decided to pay for a private scan at the NHS hospital at 9 weeks which is is when our first little one's heart stopped. The sonographer was absolutely lovely and offered us another scan for free a week later which was much appreciated. Best £60 we've spent, offered some comfort at a very difficult time.

I'm now 31 weeks and have had a textbook pregnancy so far. Best of luck.

Blackberrybakewell Thu 12-Jan-17 18:50:48

Sorry, nothing to do with dating there but just my experience of early scans after MMC x

ElizabethM49 Thu 12-Jan-17 18:56:49

I called up the EPU hysterical because my morning sickness had stopped (I'm really anxious person) and they said to come in for a scan to check she was ok. This was at 11 weeks.

Sorry about your MMC. Can't imagine anything worse.

elliejjtiny Fri 13-Jan-17 01:49:30

So sorry about your miscarriage and congratulations on your pregnancy. I asked for an early scan as I've had 2 miscarriages and was told no, only if you've had 3 or more miscarriages with no live baby in between or if you have bleeding in current pregnancy. I think if you have a stillborn baby or neonatal loss they will scan you early then too.

I had bleeding at 9 weeks with DS1 so had a scan then but wasn't allowed another scan at 12 weeks, just the 20 week one. With DS2 I was convinced something wasn't right and cried at the booking in appointment as I felt like I did with my miscarriage with hardly any sickness and lots of tiredness (DS1 was the other way around). The midwife brought my dating scan forward so had it at 10 weeks.

oliversmummy26 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:12:02

Thanks ladies,
I'm kind of in two minds about an early scan to be honest, I would love one for reassurance, but I think after seeing a little beating heart on a screen I would worry again as soon as I walked out of the door of the hospital as things can change so quickly..
My booking in is when I estimate I'll be just over 8 weeks (and on pay day!) so if MW says no then I might book a private one for that weekend just for reassurance and for dating mostly. I really don't want to miss my 12 week screening test.. I know if you want the screening and NHS date you too early they'll rebook you to come back in a week or so, but I worry that the bloods will then have been taken at the wrong time...
The more I think about it, the more I think private is the way to go and just for a dating I can get that at around £60, but only if I drive 2 hours there...the two closer clinics charge £99...we'll see..I'll let you know how I get on smile

Helbelle75 Fri 13-Jan-17 12:48:29

We had a MMC in May and I was pregnant again in July. I'm also 41.
No reassurance scan offered by NHS, but we did go for a private one at 10 weeks. Honestly, seeing that little heartbeat was the best moment of my life. Beautiful. We now have 3 pictures of our little one, which is great, as I'm unlikely to need another scan.
I'm now 27+3 and all looking good.

blossombottom Fri 13-Jan-17 14:36:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliversmummy26 Fri 13-Jan-17 14:40:03

Great to hear your positive stories ladies, thank you smile
I'm not sure I can justify more than one private scan and we had said if the screening results at 12 weeks are slightly dodgy we might do the private NIPT test, so would have to save up our pennies for that really...
I think I will just have to see what the NHS offers me and maybe wait it out. It's not like a scan will change the end result, just reassure me for a short while..

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