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Is PGP inevitable if you've had it before?

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PonderLand Thu 12-Jan-17 10:23:32

Me and my DP are constantly asked if we'd have another baby since giving birth, we've got a 7 month old.

I started getting pains in my hips at about 14 weeks. At first it was when I finished work and I'd sit down/stand still for the first time after an 8hr shift. Then it was after I'd been for a walk, or going up/down stairs.

It gradually progressed until I couldn't get off/on the toilet/the bath/out of bed. I felt extremely dependant on my partner but in truth he wasn't as helpful as I thought he would be and I'd often had to shout for a while before he would come to help me! I think he thought it was as painful as it was, maybe because he couldn't see any injuries.

Will I get PGP again? Will it be worse? Or does it depend on how long you wait to have another?
If we did try and conceive I'd wait until my son was at least 4 but ideally 6/7.

Helspopje Thu 12-Jan-17 10:28:02

Possibly but not definitely and not necessarily of the same severity

Am currently near the end of preg4
On crutches and unable to walk in preg1 and 3 by 30 weeks symptoms having started in early 2nd trimester.
This time mild symptoms from 20 weeks amd still strength training at 37 (heavy squats, rdls and deadlifts for glute and back stregth). It still jurts and i still see a physio but is light years more managable

BakingWithPreSchoolerand6YO Thu 12-Jan-17 10:30:44

I had PGP with both pregnancies. It was far worse first pregnancy than second. Barely suffered with it with DD2 but then I was working part time by then instead of full time so had significantly less time having to stand or walk - instead I spent most of the time sat on a play mat with DD1 (only turned 2 a fortnight before DD2 arrived)

PonderLand Thu 12-Jan-17 10:33:13

Wow, did you do regular physio/exercise in between pregnancy? If so, do you think that has helped your PGP? Pregnancy 4 seems unthinkable but you've given me some hope for a sibling for lb!

McBaby Thu 12-Jan-17 11:03:19

First pregnancy singed off work from 26 weeks as I couldn't sit at a desk for a day! Ended up pretty much house bound.

Second pregnancy pgp kicked in at 17 weeks I saw an osteopath monthly who kept it at bay along with lots of playing with toddler on a bed and floor so I could get comfortable.

Currently 23 I have seen the osteopath once so far and it has got bad again this week. Hoping she works wonders when I next see her. More difficult this time as I have to do the school and nursery runs each day which works out at close to 3 miles a day!!

So I would go for a smaller age gap as at least then you don't have to leave the house and walk a lot!!

Notso Thu 12-Jan-17 11:26:35

I got it in my second pregnancy mildly and really badly in my third pregnancy. I got pregnant on DC4 when DC3 was 7 months and was warned it might be even worse as they were so close but I was fine, I started getting sore the week before he was born.
I don't know if it aggravated it but DC2 and 3 were bigger babies and I carried extra fluid with both.

Helspopje Thu 12-Jan-17 11:36:06

I do do a lot of ecervise
Aleays have, but have moved from endurance stuff (running and road biking) to more strength stuff of late (track cycling, rock climbing and proper strength traininng with free weights). Had got my bodyfat right diwn before this pregnancy and was ridiculously strong (130kg deadlift for reps, 400kg leg press for reps, 100cm box jump) but still had a discrepancy betweem sides with my left (the one my si is bad in) doing about 20% less than right in single leg stuff like single leg leg press and single leg rdl. My left hip stuff has meant my right shoulder has come forward which is now a long term issue and i only jad physio for that between pregnancies. I think strength training is the only discernible difference between the affected and unagfected pregnancies and i'd strongly encourage you to at least give it a whirl. I think that it is fact that my back, glute and hip flexors are so much stronger than they were that makes my pelvis more stable this time and my coach and physios agree.

Snowflakes1122 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:48:08

I had it with my second, but not with 3rd or so far with 4th.

mumxof3x Thu 12-Jan-17 13:00:43

Ive had five. I didn't have it with my first but had it very bad with my second, and then really bad with my third. But my fourth and fifth I only really had it very very mild, wasn't an issue at all. So not necessarily.

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