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Anyone had a PE while pregnant?

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Alj001 Thu 12-Jan-17 09:08:21

I've been on 40mg of daily clexane injections throughout my pregnancy as a precaution (due to a previous pulmonary embolism and DVT). I'm almost 33 weeks and I've been breathless and had pain in my chest. A scan yesterday showed I have another clot on my lung. I'm now on 80mg of clexane twice a day.
I'm waiting to hear back from my midwife but I'm concerned about the increased risk of bleeding during labour from the increased dose. The doctor at the hospital mentioned that if I need an emergency c section I'll need to be under general due to the bleeding risk. Has anyone here had a pulmonary embolism during pregnancy? I'd really appreciate labour stories from people who have been on the therapeutic dose of clexane

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