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Baby sticking bum out?

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harleysmammy Wed 11-Jan-17 20:56:42

Im 24 weeks and have felt my baby move everyday for 3 weeks. My stomach started going hard in specific spot either on my left or right side of the belly button but mainly the right. I googled it and it said braxton hicks but it isnt that as it doesnt hurt and is only in one place not all over. Its like he's scrunched up in a ball smaller than my hand. It's really tight and when he kicks or moves i literally see him punching and kicking, to the point it looks like he's punching hard enough to break out haha. I can feel and see kicks even when my stomach isnt tight but its definitely more strong and more obvious to see when the "ball" moves. My sister in law who is 37 weeks said that it could be his bum sticking out or his head but surely it cant be because the "ball" kicks and moves. Surely his bum wouldnt kick and move? Its so hard to describe but he's so active especially when my stomach is hard and tight. Is it just him favoring one side of my stomach more than the other side or is it actually his bum? Like i said the "ball" actually kicks and moves so i really cant understand it. Im not worried, i just wanna know haha. I hope it isnt his head, i like to tap my fingers on the hard part to get him moving more smile x

Wonderflonium Wed 11-Jan-17 21:05:19

If you press down on the ball, do you feel the rest of the baby shift elsewhere in your body or does the ball just bob down?
If the rest of the baby moves, the ball is his bum. If it's just the ball that moves, it's his head.


Chosenbyyou Wed 11-Jan-17 21:10:20

What I kinda worked out eventually is that they can be bent completely in two if you know what I mean? This the feet and head can be right next to each other cuz they are so subtle! Also the elbows and knees seem to do some 'kicking' as time goes on!

Congratulations, it's lovely to have the little movements going on and just you know about it! Xx

harleysmammy Wed 11-Jan-17 22:13:19

I havent pressed too hard, im too scared of hurting him haha but i do lightly tap my fingers and he moves or kicks in response. I can feel it tightening before it gets tight if you know what i mean, as if hes moved to what ever side of my belly haha.

My sister in laws 20 week scan showed the baby was literally bent in two, we all freaked at first until the sonographer made him move. We all thought he had no rib bones or anything! Luckily at all of my scans the baby have been lying straight, other wise i would have probably had a heart attack lol. Im starting to think maybe he is bending himself in twosmile x

BLjwTwx3 Thu 12-Jan-17 08:24:44

You'll probably find it could be a mix of BH and baby sticking some part of the body right out! BH don't generally hurt at all, it just feels like your tummy has been shrink wrapped, its tight like some has wrapped cling film around you. I used to feel DS during Brixton hicks and the movements seemed to stick out more because my tummy was tighter. Also, the further along you are, the more prominent the movements will be because baby will be bigger and stronger.
I've attached a picture of when my DS stuck his bum out and it was very obvious! He was head down, facing my hip.

harleysmammy Thu 12-Jan-17 12:05:30

Thats kinda what mine looks like, my stomach goes like a triangle sometimes haha or really high one side x

BLjwTwx3 Thu 12-Jan-17 12:46:52

Haha aww! Looks like a bottom to me! grin

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