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Too much fluid at 35 weeks

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Happilymarried155 Wed 11-Jan-17 18:36:39

Looking for abit of advice. Was sent for a growth scan today as bump is looking abit big and they wondered about a big baby. Turns out baby is average but I have too much fluid 27cm. Has anyone experienced this?
They then asked me to back for gestational diabetes test on Friday and started talking about others signs of it are birth defects and issues with stomach. They also started talking about risks of going into premature labour and cord prolapse.
Has anyone had any experience? Just feel abit overwhelmed by it all and obviously now worried sick!

BLjwTwx3 Thu 12-Jan-17 08:39:33

I had excess fluid smile this actually wasn't picked up until I'd actually birthed DS though! (First child). My bump always measured average and so they never sent me for a scan but I'd actually got a 10th centile baby and a lot of fluid! DS was born complete healthy at 39+5 and weighed 6lb4. He was fine but because of his size we had to stay in overnight and have his blood sugar monitored.

Because I was never told about my fluid I never looked into it or was told about the risks so I don't know everything about them. What I do know is that it's very common with excess fluid for your waters to go as the start of labour rather than part through. So definitely as your due date approaches be on the lookout for any suspicious fluid. If you've got excess fluid you'll probably find it's quite a gush when they go but not always! If your waters go first you have to go to your local midwifery unit or hospital to have This confirmed. They'll then book you in for an induction in around 24 hours just incase your contractions haven't started. If it's been over 12 hours when your contractions start, you'll have to have an antibiotic when you go to hospital to protect you and baby from infection. My waters broke at 6am & my contractions started (properly regularly) at 11pm.

I'm not sure whether the risk of premature birth is increased but they do have to be careful because, for example, if you were to go into labour at 37 weeks which is classed as pre-term but only by a week, they'd be a bit more worried about you than someone with normal fluid levels as it may be the case that your baby is smaller than the average baby would be at the point. My DS for example would have most likely been little over 5lb which is lower than the average.

I'm not sure if the midwives will have change your pregnancy to high risk now meaning you'll have to give birth at hospital. However, if not and you were planning to give birth in a midwifery unit I'd advise going to the hospital instead. I really didn't want to give birth in the hospital but it was definitely the best place for me!

Try not to panic! I know it's hard and if I'd have known about my excess fluid I know I'd have been worrying my head off as well but I'm sure your baby will be just fine!

Good luck! smileflowers

BLjwTwx3 Thu 12-Jan-17 08:43:35

Just found this useful link!

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