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harleysmammy Wed 11-Jan-17 14:27:06

Hi, im 24 weeks and for the last at least 4 weeks i've been craving eggs. At first i wouldnt go near them because of what i'd read but everyone seems to say as long as their british lion stamped and hard boiled their okay. I only ever eat the yellow anyway, and i put it on toast or in a sandwich. I literally have at least 1 egg on toast a day and now im starting to panic that maybe i shouldn't be eating them. They're the only thing i wanna eat that doesn't make me feel sick, is it safe? Thanks x

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot Wed 11-Jan-17 14:30:51

NHS says the risk is only from raw or undercooked eggs, and even that can be mitigated by choosing pasteurised ones.

Is that authoritative enough?

JaxingJump Wed 11-Jan-17 14:36:01

This is ridiculous. Eggs are fine. Even soft.

Try to assess risk by understanding what the issue is, what the chances are and what the worst impact could be. I think you'll find you are doing a million riskier things to your pregnancy than eating eggs on a daily basis.

Letsgetreadytorumbleagain Wed 11-Jan-17 14:41:05

I still eat runny eggs, if they are lion stamped, and I have had a lot of them throughout my pregnancy. You're absolutely fine eating eggs, they are good for you and the baby flowers

TerriB84 Wed 11-Jan-17 15:06:41

As PP said as long as they are lion stamped, eggs are fine to eat - even runny. I never stopped eating them throughout my pregnancy.

NeverAShadowOfDoubt Wed 11-Jan-17 15:11:27

My twins are just one week old and i scoffed far too much raw bun mixture during my pregnancy and my babies and me are fine grin

namechange20050 Wed 11-Jan-17 16:09:55

In the nicest way, get a grip! They are eggs, not cocaine!

LondonRoo Wed 11-Jan-17 17:02:59

The concern with eggs is salmonella. Official guidelines are still for pregnant women not to eat soft, semi cooked or raw eggs. However, that's also up for debate as British hens are all vaccinated and the rates of salmonella are extremely low.

Personally I've eaten soft boiled eggs throughout pregnancy as long as they've had the lion mark. I only ate cooked eggs when I went abroad as not all hens are vaccinated elsewhere.

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