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CMV infection

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veracity Wed 11-Jan-17 14:18:43

Despite all the risk awareness and lists of things to avoid during pregancies, nobody, including the NHS, seems to talk about one of the most devastating menaces: in utero infection with CMV (cytomegalovirus). CMV attacks the brain of the foetus and is the no. 1 cause of hearing loss (often with delayed effect) in genetically healthy babies. If the mother has no antibodies, the effects can be far more severe. Please google to learn more. The CMV virus is apparently everywhere and not entirely avoidable, but most at risk are expectant mothers who test negative and have toddlers in daycare. It is transmitted via bodily fluids (saliva, urine), so besides washing hands, etc., the most obvious precaution is to avoid sharing food and eating utensils with toddlers. A simple precaution, if only one knew about it! Could Mumsnet please do more to raise awareness of this serious threat to unborn babies? Thank you!

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