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Really light pink????

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Mummyof21988 Tue 10-Jan-17 22:39:25

Hi all I'm 10 weeks 3rd baby and today when wipe after wee I've noticed a very light pink tinge on the tissue and had really achey low backache today, I'm on antibiotics for urine infection but the tinge colour was defo inside not through wee if you no what I mean, I'm worrying now!!

MmmMalbec Wed 11-Jan-17 07:53:30

I had all ranges of spotting colour between 5-7 weeks and I've had two scans now and my baby looks fine, only 7+3 now though. The spotting has also stopped for now. I'd definitely ring your GP or midwife and get a scan at the EPU. Good luck.

harleysmammy Wed 11-Jan-17 09:26:43

I bled from 8 weeks to 16. Before 12 weeks they said it was normal, after 12 weeks they said it is rarer but unless its bright red and period amount then its normal. I bled and had period pains at either 9 or 10 weeks and i was hysterical thinking the worse. Im 6 months now so i panicked for nothing. The backache could be and probably is a water infection, pink and brown is considered normal i think. Call your midwife if your under one yet, if not phone the epu. I did that back then and they scanned me and did an internal to check the cervix. Probably totally normal, the worry doesnt stop haha x

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