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Friendly advice desperately needed!!!

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ilovethesea40 Tue 10-Jan-17 20:30:09

Hi, sorry first post & in a daze more than panic. But tbh thought I was menopausal but actually 7wks pregnant. We were done our family, blessed with 7 great kids (. no contraception / tv not working jokes please lol). I haven't broke it to dh yet, not feeling ready:/ But I am worried - having had so many pregnancies, being 40, certainly not as fit as I'd like ( understatement ) worries me I am not going to survive this one. Trying not to get into a complete panic

Smurf123 Tue 10-Jan-17 20:47:20

Hi Ilovethesea40 if it's any help to you I was 18 when my mum found out she was pregnant with my brother.. She was 41 at the time and thought it was early menopause rather than pregnancy (she was a gone before she found out!). But while it was really strange and she got some interesting reactions from people when she told people none of us would ever look back! There's now a very Happy, mature, awesome 10year old in the family! Makes things like Christmas and birthdays even more fun having a little one still around! :-) congratulations to you I hope all goes well!!

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