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Injection to help deliver the placenta

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KarenLF Tue 10-Jan-17 16:13:50

Hello all! I'm 35+4 and had my midwife appointment today - she was telling me that I have the choice of getting an injection to help deliver the placenta. Apparently if you do get it the placenta is birthed faster but it can make you feel sick and if you don't it might just take a long time for the placenta to come away.
I just wondered if most people get the injection anyway and if there's anything to take note of before saying yes to it?
Thanks very much smile

MoreBushThanMoss Tue 10-Jan-17 16:18:14

I didn't have it to deliver the placenta ... But then I did have quite a large blood loss as a result (if you have a natural placenta delivery you can lose more blood)- nothing outside the realms of ordinary- but they still gave me the injection after the placenta was delivered, so that the bleeding slowed. I chose not to have it, so baby and I could remain attached longer for delayed cord clamping

MoreBushThanMoss Tue 10-Jan-17 16:18:52

I delivered the placenta fairly quickly without it- couple of pushes and it was out confused

ALLthedinosaurs Tue 10-Jan-17 16:22:05

I had it - it didn't make me sick or anything really. Just jabbed in the leg and then placenta squelched out grin

I couldn't have got away with any extra blood loss tbh. All goes well, I'll be having it again.

Laura05 Tue 10-Jan-17 16:22:36

I had the injection with DD but not with DS as he arrived so quick. I honestly don't think there was any difference in delivery of the placenta for me. I'm saying yes to it this time round but only because it's recommended not because I feel it's a necessity x

gunting Tue 10-Jan-17 16:23:51

I had it when my son was born, I think they stuck it in my thigh when he was crowing but not sure. Either way, it didn't make me sick and the placenta was out within a few minutes.

babynelly2010 Tue 10-Jan-17 16:24:24

First time no injection, placenta took a while to come out, I had ragged membranes and retained products, not sure if that had anything todo with anything.
Second time placenta came out fairly quick, had injection for slightly more than normal bleeding, I had ragged membranes but no retained products. I will have injection this time.

Yankeedoodledickhead Tue 10-Jan-17 16:24:48

I've had it every time. No reasoning behind it, I just have. Except last time, because the baby was my fifth it was a requirement and a condition to my home birth (which didn't go to plan anyway!)

Sometimes placentas just don't come away very easily and this can cause a retention that needs treating in theatre. A doctor may need to insert a hand to manually extract it and you would require intravenous antibiotics and drugs to help your womb contract down afterwards. It can also cause haemorrhages so blood transfusions would be needed then.

MrsLouisTomlinson Tue 10-Jan-17 16:30:08

The advice I give to women is if you have a straightforward normal delivery without an epidural or other intervention then if you are so inclined then go for a physiological third stage. If you have required any intervention at all, including the syntocinon drop etc I would advise that you have it as you are relying on your body to know what to do despite having already interfered with the usual process.

Having said that I would always advise delayed cord clamping as it can be hugely beneficial to baby and once the cord has stopped pulsating you can have the oxytocica and deliver the placenta.

happymumof4crazykids Tue 10-Jan-17 16:30:38

Yes I've had it on all 4 deliveries as have everyone else I've ever asked about it. It didn't make me feel sick and I have had to have an oxytocin drip after 3 of my deliveries because of excessive blood loss. I would hated to see how much worse my blood loss would have been if I delivered my placentas with out it.
The injection is given immediately after delivery and I didn't even notice it tbh I was too interested in my new babies smile

KarenLF Tue 10-Jan-17 16:30:52

Thank you all for getting back! I probably will go for it but I just wanted to check! It's my first baby and there's so much stuff to think about/get prepared for and I'm just getting a bit more nervous as the birth gets closer.

NickyEds Tue 10-Jan-17 16:31:01

I had the injection both times. With my first they advised it as I had some tearing and was losing blood- I was fine with it as I just wanted it all over tbh. With dd I had it as I wasn't bothered about delayed clamping so once the cord was cut I just wanted it over with- my friend didn't and was having more contractors etc to push the placenta and I didn't fancy it myself. I didn't have any adverse effects from it with ds but I did feel sick after having dd, not sure if it was that or the diamorphine or the bloody caffeinated tea they gave me (I can't have much caffeine).

MrsLouisTomlinson Tue 10-Jan-17 16:32:56

Oh and the drug that will make you sick is called syntometrine or another one is ergometrine. You can ask what they use for third stage. Syntocinon on its own should not make you sick. They should have syntocinon available on its own as women with raised blood pressure should not have anything with ergometrine as a component as it's a Vaso constructed and will increase BP.

Good luck.

thecatsarecrazy Tue 10-Jan-17 16:42:36

I had it both times, just wanted it all done with. Didn't feel sick can't even remember it happening. I've told m.w I'm happy to have it next time too.

MoreBushThanMoss Tue 10-Jan-17 16:44:43

yeah I should add that when I refused it, one of the midwives said "oh you ARE doing things properly aren't you" ... With the sort of look that made me understand that was NOT a compliment.... So if you decide not to, be aware you may get some funny looks. I think it's seen as a bit of an unnecessarily "hemp knickers" approach to childbirth (which is probably about right for this dirty hippy ) wink

Whatsername17 Tue 10-Jan-17 17:02:35

I had delayed cord clamping/cutting. It was standard in my hospital. I had to have a different injection you help me deliver the placenta. I had no ill effects at all.

OneWeek Tue 10-Jan-17 17:07:52

My midwife was willing to wait up to an hour for a physiological 3rd stage but I ended up delivering the placenta in 18 minutes. My attitude is to let my body do its thing, but if help is needed after a long wait, then use the meds.

Ilovewillow Tue 10-Jan-17 17:18:48

I had it with my first and placenta delivery was quick and no sickness! I didn't with my second as I had a home waterbirth and didn't want to be rushed after birth to deliver the placenta as I wanted to delay the cord cutting! It was still reasonably quick about 30 mins after I think.

Alb1 Tue 10-Jan-17 17:38:30

I've had it twice and both times it made me sick, but it was just like 5mins of throwing up, didn't make me feel dreadful like throwing up from a bug or anything so if its recommend again this time id have it again without an issue. I was induced both times which is why I just went with it

SockQueen Tue 10-Jan-17 17:40:02

Mine were absolutely fine with delayed cord clamping and THEN giving the injection. Cord took about 5 mins to stop pulsating, I cut it (DH didn't want to) and then the placenta delivered within about 2 mins of the injection.

PotteringAlong Tue 10-Jan-17 17:44:58

I had it both times and will have it again. I didn't want to faff around delivering the placenta when there was a baby to hold.

randomsabreuse Tue 10-Jan-17 17:46:06

Had it, was just glad the pushing was over tbh. Couldn't do delayed clamping as cord was around foot and hr had been dropping - 2.5 hrs pushing after very quick 1st stage before ventouse. Also had to have stitches so wanted stuff over and done with...

MoreBushThanMoss Tue 10-Jan-17 17:52:57

pottering you can hold your baby and deliver the placenta- in fact putting baby to boob helps it deliver... I had to hand over DS to dp when the now infamous "labial graze" was being assessed as the poking and prodding was making me squeeze him a bit tooooo tight blush

PossumInAPearTree Tue 10-Jan-17 18:06:39

You can have the injection and delayed cord clamping but the injection should still be given immediately. Delaying the injection for delayed cord clamping isn't recommended. It's safe to have the injection before clamping the cord.

The main benefit of the injection isn't to do with the length of time it takes but WHO recommend it's offered to women to reduce the incidence of having a post Parton haemmorahage.

NickyEds Tue 10-Jan-17 18:13:46

I was definitely holding both of mine whilst the placenta was delivered. Like Morebush I handed ds over to dp to have my stitches!
Registrar- 'You can hold your baby whilst I stitch you if you like. I'll be down there a while by the looks of it!'
Me-'Actually, if it's all the same to you I think I'll hold that gas and air tube thanks!'

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