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i've bought maternity skinny jeans - but wonder if just look like a barrel on matchsticks...

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Tutter Thu 22-Feb-07 12:54:56


i look far bigger than the laydee in the pic and am only 18 weeks

they look good (i think) when worn with boots and a longer length top but am concerned about how i look with boots off

before you ask, i don't know how to upload pics

itsmeNDaveP Thu 22-Feb-07 12:56:18

rofl @ barrel on matchsticks

I'm sure you look uber chic, tutter

morningpaper Thu 22-Feb-07 12:56:40

Really, now is not the time to worry about how you look

Just let it all go and enjoy yourself

p.s. Yes you look like a barrel on sticks

pesme Thu 22-Feb-07 12:56:56

when you are pregnant you should show off any part of your body that is not consumed by bump. you will probably look great.

Tutter Thu 22-Feb-07 12:57:20

anyone seen bootle top bill? well i feel a bit like his best friend corky (only 2 legs, not 4)

Tutter Thu 22-Feb-07 12:57:30

or bottle, even

Tutter Thu 22-Feb-07 12:58:06

mp now is exactly the time to worry about how i look - am attracting far more attention than usual!

scorpio1 Thu 22-Feb-07 13:03:00

ooh,they are nice jeans. i think as long as they are worn with a long top,its fine

incy Thu 22-Feb-07 13:05:53

In pregnancy I think you should show off any part of the body which is slim - so skinny jeans look lovely I'm sure.

morningpaper Thu 22-Feb-07 13:22:53

No Tutter, they are not looking at you, they are just calculating the size of your bump and wondering htf is that going to come out of

gingermonkey Thu 22-Feb-07 13:49:42

I wore my skinny jeans the whole time through my pregnancy (somehow i still managed to fit into pre pregnancy ones that were a bit too big in the first place) and I think I looked fab. I used to wear them with similar stuff to what I wear normally (t-shirts, vests, etc etc) but just maternity versions and I lived in converse all stars because I couldn't cope with wearing boots - I couldn't walk properly! I'm sure you'll look fab!

Loulee Thu 22-Feb-07 18:24:39

anyone tried the topshop skinny jeans? i tried these the other day and they just seemed like they would fall down - maybe i'm not big enough yet....16 weeks
and whats the top of these ones like?

MrsMar Thu 22-Feb-07 18:25:57

I'm no fashionista but I'm sure that you should show off great pins if you've got them, plus this summer is all about volume, with lots of lovely bell shaped tunic tops and such like, which have to be balanced with slimline bottoms such as skinny jeans, so I think you'll look bang up to date!

FluffyMummy123 Thu 22-Feb-07 18:26:05

Message withdrawn

Kelly1978 Thu 22-Feb-07 18:26:52

at barrel on matchsticks. I was inclined to agree until I saw the link. It def needs a longer top to balance.

gingermonkey Thu 22-Feb-07 18:43:07

loulee, I bought the top shop ones when I was preggers and they did fall down all the time, even when I was just about to drop.

Loulee Thu 22-Feb-07 21:43:19

thanks gingermonkey
am going to stick to my pre -pregnancy ones for a while and see how i get on - or until i look like a barrel on matchsticks!!!!
Will have to keep the long boots on though

jabuti Thu 22-Feb-07 22:37:38

i've seen some preg ladies wearing those. as long as you are fit enough for them (as opposed to preg ladies that have put on lots of weight and are showing more than a bump), i think they look good. i cant wear them cause i have wide hips, even when im fit the disproportion is not flattering.

Juicylucytoo Fri 23-Feb-07 09:39:37

I've got the normal topshop ones and they fall down too. Under bump trousers = nightmare for me.

If you've got the legs, and wear a long floaty no. on top, I think you should go for it - even if you do look like barrel on matchsticks

gingermonkey Fri 23-Feb-07 09:46:12

I think it's better if you don't wear a floaty top, wear something a bit more fitted with skinny jeans and you won't look so barrel like.

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