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harleysmammy Mon 09-Jan-17 16:40:11

I just got back from the midwife, everything is fine, heartbeat was fine, bp and sample was fine but i have felt like ive had a water infection since saturday night and still do, the pee test came back fine. Would a sample definitely show up a uti? Isnt water infections and protein the main thing they look for? I know hes okay, felt him moving all day and obviously heard his heartbeat so now worried about that, just worried i have a uti and it hasnt shown up. Ive only ever had one before and it doesnt feel like that, i have niggling pains (cant even call them pains) which i assume is down too ligament stretching. I had an internal 2 weeks ago which maybe why it stings on the outside, not going for a wee as such. Am i worrying too much?

Blueroses99 Mon 09-Jan-17 17:34:42

Protein or white blood cells in a urine sample would show signs of an infection, so if the test was clear today, then you don't have a UTI. I have regular internal scans and have never had any after effects, certainly not anything that lasts 2 weeks. Your growing uterus may be pressing on your bladder awkwardly or something like that. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and try to pass water regularly (it should be pale, not dark and concentrated).

If you don't feel better after a few days, do get it checked out though.

Gregwar Mon 09-Jan-17 18:37:41

Water infection as in peeing a lot.

How far in the pregnancy are you? Peeing a lot apparently is normal. Although the stinging isn't necessarily a symptom. Are you and your partner still intimate? This (as I have discovered several times the hard way) can be a cause. I don't know how many children you've had before but your..."lady parts" will be more temperamental and therefore you have to go a bit easier. You can't go at it like you did when you was trying to conceive/enjoy recreational sex.

Hope this doesn't come across patronising. I'm just trying to help and take my mind off of my own problems right now x

harleysmammy Mon 09-Jan-17 23:17:41

I didnt think it was down to the internal, ive had loads too and i've never had more than a few spots of brown blood after.

& we havent done anything since i was about 8 weeks pregnant, im too scared we'll hurt the baby haha. Im not sure what it is, probably nothing what so ever and all in my brain! You wasn't be patronizing, any advice or help is much appreciated right nowsmile x

Chloe09 Mon 09-Jan-17 23:22:30

I had protein in my urine the last couple of midwife appts although no symptoms of a uti. My doctor said that in later pregnancy there's so much pressure on you organs that your kidneys can release protein hence showing up on the dip test.

If however you have symptoms mention it to the doctor rather than the midwife as they may well give you some antibiotics to be on the safe side x

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