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Please tell me it does get better (morning sickness related)

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cadihaf Sun 08-Jan-17 11:39:55

I'm now 8+1, and not able to keep anything down today.

Some days are slightly better than others but been constantly nauseous since Boxing Day.

Sickness wristbands helped a bit yesterday and the day before but they don't seem to be helping at all today.

No-one told me I would feel exactly this ill, and be this ill. I really want to be pregnant but I really don't want to feel like this. I'm drained and exhausted and have forgotten when my usual love of food feels like.

I'm sorry if I sound as if I'm feeling sorry for myself. I'm telling myself I should be grateful and just pleased to be expecting

Rya2710 Sun 08-Jan-17 11:48:10

I completely understand how you feel, I was like this and felt so hopeless. At 12 weeks I had to go into hospital for a bit where I was being sick so much. They gave me anti sickness medicines and honestly they made me feel a million times better. I used to just think of food and it would make me throw up, I'm now 25 weeks and I am hardly ever sick. It might not ease completely but it does get a bit better. Try going to the doctors and seeing if you can get anti sickness tablets, they work wonders! Hope you start to feel better soon flowers

ighinici Sun 08-Jan-17 12:47:01

it does get better, cadihaf. i'm now in the process of noticing a slow but steady and definite improvement (at 12 weeks) and apparently once we're well into your second trimester, we'll hardly ever be sick anymore.

hang in there!

cadihaf Sun 08-Jan-17 14:05:57

Thank you Rya2710 and igninici

I'm sorry to hear you've both suffered too

I can't wait to start to feel better. I feel guilty for not being able to enjoy this pregnancy

Have manage to keep some food down, not exactly healthy and nutritious (plain crisps and ginger nut biscuits) so feeling a little bit better

ellesbellesxxx Sun 08-Jan-17 14:17:33

I hear you. I was literally sick from 5 weeks until 16 weeks... it started to ease up at 14 but the first nine weeks I just felt awful 24/7.
I felt guilty for not enjoying it, especially as I am expecting twins after infertility and IVF so should have been on top of the world!
I am now starting to enjoy it more.
You just have to eat what works for you, have some time off if you can and seriously just look after yourself... really hope it stops for you soon xx

CastleFeck Sun 08-Jan-17 14:22:03

Go to the Drs for some anti sickness tablets.

You're in the worst bit, it will get better, prob after week 10 then a gradual improvement to week 14ish, then hopefully you'll feel much better.

Eat and drink anything you can.

I'm week 25 now and can enjoy food again. You'll get there.

Bloopbleep Sun 08-Jan-17 14:24:46

I'm 15 weeks and for the past week I've not felt half as bad a the previous 12 weeks. I had to get antiemetics to cope with the sickness and it totally floored me always feeling ill. I just noticed I needed the medicine less and then I was actually being sick less. I get some nausea now and then and gag ocassionally but can function now. I can also eat too which is fantastic. It does get better but for some people that can be a while away. If it's that bad speak to your doctor about medication to help.

DamsonGinIsMyThing Sun 08-Jan-17 14:30:36

It does get better. Weeks 8-11 were bloody awful for me. But it was literally like someone had flicked a switch overnight in me and all of a sudden the nausea had gone and the vomiting ceased. Just at the point where I had booked to see a GP!
Get yourself to the doctors lovely, there's things they can give you to ease it x

RedCrab Sun 08-Jan-17 15:12:08

It does get better. And not every pregnancy is always the same don't let it put you off in a few years if you want another baby. It does usually ease up around 12-14 weeks. It really does get minimised as just "morning sickness" but most women feel horrendous, even if they're not actually being sick. You poor thing - I remember it well.

Dc1 - I just had horrendous heartburn all through the pregnancy, but every month I would have a "Dehli belly" style attack for a few hours of vomiting and diarrhoea.
Dc2 - felt horrendous until around 20 weeks but not actually sick.
DC3 - sick from four weeks to 25 weeks and still randomly feel sick some days even now at nearly 29 weeks. It's completely messed up my gag reflex - I can't take any pills as I just start retching immediately confused

Hopefully you will be one of the norm that starts to feel better in a few weeks. But as you can see, my pregnancies have been really varied so try not to let it affect things too much. Hope you feel better soon - it really is the absolute pits.

Rya2710 Sun 08-Jan-17 18:19:26

Don't every feel guilty for not enjoying it! I literally cried to my partner every night because I was so exhausted and fed up from the sickness, it's normal to feel like that! Even if it doesn't stop completely it does ease. Take some time to rest and let your body just chill out (it's totally okay to feel sorry for yourself lol) hang in there!! Xxxx

Shesays1 Mon 09-Jan-17 00:05:19

I was prescribed cyclizine. Ecsuse I couldn't keep and water or food down my morning sickness started at 7 weeks and didn't stop until 26 weeks sorry to say 😳

cocodidit1 Mon 09-Jan-17 00:12:02

It does get better, just do what you can to survive.
I really sympathise.

Janey50 Mon 09-Jan-17 00:20:44

Sorry to hear you feel so bad OP. When I was pregnant,way back in late 1982,I was very sick from 4 weeks until exactly 13 weeks. The sickness literally stopped overnight. It was wonderful! Prior to that,I was like you. I hit the worst between 8 and 10 weeks,when it was so bad,I couldn't even travel on public transport. I was told a few horror stories,like it will go on for the entire pregnancy,but everything I read said it would ease st 3 months. And it did,it totally stopped. Hope you feel better soon.

31weeksgone Mon 09-Jan-17 00:32:50

Sorry to hear your so bad OP, I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but sometimes it doesnt get better. If I'd listened to everyone in my pregnancy telling me it would god knows what harm id of done. I didn't keep anything down from 5weeks-14 weeks constant sickness and everyone told me it was normal and would pass. I ended up in hospital with dehydration BUT then I was prescribed anti-sickness medication and felt better, not good but better for the rest of the pregnancy. It was basically manageable. Please do go to the doctors and have a talk about some anti-sickness, it probably will go away on its own which would be great but if you do turn out to have hyperemesis some medicine will really help. I don't mean this to be too serious but I always wish that someone would of told me, and taken me seriously so I could of felt better sooner. Huge Op it's a really lousy time, but I promise the outcome is so worth it flowers

UserOne Mon 09-Jan-17 01:23:18

I was you. It got better at around 25 weeks I think.
I was hospitalised for dehydration, so if you're not keeping much down you really really should keep check on that too.
It's been a couple of days already, so if by tomorrow you're still not keeping anything down, see your GP for some anti sickness medication. Tbh the medication doesn't make you totally better, but you should be able to keep food/water down and feel a little less sick.
Everybody talks about morning sickness like it's nothing, but sometimes it can be a huge thing.
It usually does get better for most people in a couple of weeks.

And you can be grateful and not like parts of it at the same time. Nothing wrong with that. Not all pregnancy is roses, sometimes there are horrible bits too. It's just that at the end, the horrible bits are worth the prize.

31weeksgone Mon 09-Jan-17 03:39:32

That should of said Hug's OP - sorry for my terrible spelling I had baby attached to my lap.

beck3001 Mon 09-Jan-17 06:47:17

I completely understand! I had 2 miscarriages so don't want to be ungrateful for this pregnancy! I'm now only around o9 weeks. Had a 6 week scan and she also prescribed anti sickness tablets.. best thing ever!! I sometimes feel slightly uneasy but sometimes I'm able to eat loads!! Hope it gets better!

ColourfulOrangex Mon 09-Jan-17 14:03:00

I've had sickness and ridiculous tiredness since 3 weeks, I'm 12+5 now and it's very slowly starting to ease off, I still can't eat much and am still sick but the feeling of being sick seems to be easing off...I had none of this with my 1st child, it's draining and I thought it would never get better but it seems to just take time...hang in there OP flowers

octonuddle Mon 09-Jan-17 21:03:06

I'm at 10 weeks with DC2 and am constantly nauseous...I had truly forgotten how bad it was with DC1 until I looked back at some of my old posts where I was complaining of constant sickness and exhaustion and seeking advice from others! It did let up around 13 weeks and 2nd trimester I felt great which seemed to be the only bit I remembered about being pregnant...I can only conclude nobody tells you how bad it is because we blank it out of our own memories! Hope you feel better soon. It really does suck flowers

Anatidae Mon 09-Jan-17 21:11:50

It doesn't always get better. I was horrendously sick for the whole time. Sorry - mainly it does and most people do feel better after 16 weeks or so.
Only you can judge how you feel but if you're unable to keep down food or fluids then you do need medical attention. I had full on hyperemesis and I tried several drugs - none really worked fully but they did enable me to keep going. If you're really suffering you need to see your doc - there Are safe medications so don't be fobbed off! There's a great hyperemesis ongoing thread too so pop over there for support.

Rest as much as you can
Don't worry at all about eating crisps if that's all you can get down you - the foetus takes what it needs from you. It will be ok, it's you who will feel shit! Try taking multivitamin at night if they make you nauseous.
Rest, rest, rest. I ended up being signed off at six months because I was so ill and it made a big difference

NauseousNancy Mon 09-Jan-17 21:20:41

I feel your pain, it's horrible. Go and see your doctor - I got prescribed cyclizine and it made such a difference. I am now almost 18 weeks and have been off the cyclizine for around a week or so and do feel much better. It didn't take the nausea away entirely, just made it more bearable.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, i was always worse when i was really tired.

Soubriquet Mon 09-Jan-17 21:22:36

Mine finally stopped at 16 weeks

I even had anti-emitic tablets that helped sometimes but didn't stop me from being sick all the time

Then at 16 weeks they just stopped

BikeRunSki Mon 09-Jan-17 21:25:51

I hated early pregnancy, both times. It was the grimmest times of my life. I was also hospitalised with hyperemisis several times between weeks 7-16 and took every abtisickness drug going. Pregnancy sickness is just horrific. Then one day around week 18 it just stopped. There is hope!

Pregnancy Sickness Support is very helpful. Lots of info about anti sickness drugs your GP can prescribe, and also, you know that time off work due to pregnancy related illness can not be used against you? Might be worth telling your work on a "need to know" basis only that you are pg. I told my bosses at 7 weeks. One was delighted, the other was relived I wasn't resigning! Then I was off for 8 weeks....

Hollyhop17 Mon 09-Jan-17 21:32:30

Been suffering horrendously since week 6 and now 13+1. Sorry to say it has got worse the past week or so, which has been awful. I am on my third anti sickness tablets and these latest ones are taking the edge off, though I still feel nauseous but it is a slight improvement. I am totally sick of feeling like this and thought it would pass once I hit 12 weeks. You have my complete sympathy, I hope it eases up soon for both of us.

vmilla Mon 09-Jan-17 21:40:15

Don't feel guilty, I didn't enjoy my pregnancies. Morning sickness, felt like I wanted to faint all the time, sore boobs, pelvic pain, back ache, head aches, hips hurting, sleep insomnia, feeling hot like crazy, restless legs, I could keep going. Maybe it is an amazing experience for some, but for me both pregnancies were a pain. Accept for the lovely feeling of me growing a little person in my tummy of course. Don't expect a sudden change at 12 weeks, it will gradually get better. 2 trimester is very pleasant

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