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Advice Needed! :/

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CharllGracex Sat 07-Jan-17 16:56:16

hi girls,

i should of been due my period yesterday (Friday 6th), but thursday 5th late afternoon i went to toilet and noticed light pink blood when i wiped. so put a pad on thinkin period was gonna come early, pad when i changed it before bed had pinkish blood, and sins its been spotting on and off with hours apart. sometimes theres nothing at all when i wipe and sometimes tiny hints of pink... ive had nothing sins yesterday.

i tested this afternoon and got a neg.
im unsure what to do. is it worth a trip to drs or are they gonna fob me off and tell me to retest.
not sure when to test again or even if i should...

could do with some stories maybe? or just advise in general smile


vfoster Sat 07-Jan-17 17:20:01

Hello! I can't comment on the blood but I had a similar experience when testing early. I tested the day after I was due and got a negative then tested again 5 days later when period still didn't arrive. Then I got a positive! Maybe wait a few days and rest again if nothing changes?
In my experience the doctors won't do anything. My first pregnancy I made an appointment and she just gave me the number for the midwives. This time round I just called the midwives (the number was on a leaflet next to the pregnancy tests in our local pharmacy!)

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