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OK I've worked out my dizziness gets worse after I've eaten or drunk ANYTHING......

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fannyannie Wed 21-Feb-07 20:52:29

so how on earth do I get round this one??? ATM I feel drunk, but not in a nice 'ooo I've had a few drinks and I feel great way"......more of a "oh sh*t I've had too much to drink and if I lie down I think I'll pass out for the rest of the night" kind of way. Worst of all, when I AM actually drunk I still have some co-ordination (ie can still play the organ without too many mistakes) but I seem to completely lose all my co-ordination when I'm like it (just played for a service at church and was appalling).

Obviously I need to eat/drink reguarly - especially as I'm about to go and work a 9 1/4hr night shift....but if I do I just feel worse......

pollyanna Wed 21-Feb-07 20:54:41

could it be hypoglaecemia? I get a bit of a headrush about an hour after I've eaten anything, and the dr thinks it is this. Perhaps you need to be checked for gestational diabetes (don't know if hypoglaecemia is related to this btw, but I know it is related to non-pregnant blood sugar issues).

Hpypo-whatsit is meant to be worse after high carb food.

MrsMar Wed 21-Feb-07 20:58:01

HI there fannyannie, I posted on here a couple of days ago because I was getting really bad shakes and dt's in the morning, about two hours after eating. It was suggested that I try and eat something every couple of hours to keep my sugar levels topped up. Could something similar help you?

pollyanna Wed 21-Feb-07 20:59:10

yes, that's hypoglaecemia (I think). YOu should eat little and often, drink lots of water and avoid high GI carbs. don't miss out any meals.

fannyannie Wed 21-Feb-07 20:59:32

that's what the mw suggested on Monday when I saw her and said about my dizzy spells - so I've been eating small meals/snacks reguarly - and I seem to be feeling worse for it [frown]

MrsMar Wed 21-Feb-07 21:42:34

oh dear, poor you. I have also been told that dizzy spells are a symptom of pregnancy. Irritating and worrying isn't it? Have you had your blood pressure checked? mines a little low, which I think has accounted for some of my dizziness/shakiness.

dueat44 Thu 22-Feb-07 09:15:11

Hi again! Try to eat low carb, low sugar foods that 'burn' slowly in your body so you don't get dramatic swings in blood sugar. Drinking water, for example, is far better than drinkihg orange juice; eating a piece of cheese with an apple will slow down the rate at which fruit sugars are absorbed. There are 'low GI' cookbooks and loads of info on the web! I really would demand a proper GD test, not just the sugar in urine dipstick. I absolutely knew my GD had returned at about 24 weeks; the midwife pooh-pooh'd this and pointed out no sugar in urine as evidence, and claimed that GD never manifested until 28 weeks, but blood tests proved I was right (of course!).

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