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Re Early Pregnancy

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user1483787837 Sat 07-Jan-17 15:23:41

Hello All,

I am newbie to this forum. I feel its a good platform to share feelings, problems etc..

We have been married for 2 1/2 years now and planning for baby.

I missed my period this month(got last Dec 3- Dec 8th) and checked pregnancy test (on 3rd Dec)out of curiosity and it shows 2 lines (one dark n other faint). I took taking digital test on 6th and it showed Pregnant 1-2 weeks!!! I was excited and went to visit my GP. She suggested to take test again next week to re-confirm it. But the next day morning I woke up with bleeding and I am worrying now.

Any idea if this is common during early stages? Please let me know.


harleysmammy Sat 07-Jan-17 15:56:08

Even though its worrying, bleeding to a certain extent is normal in the first trimester. I had bleeding from 8 weeks to about 16. Uo until 12 weeks they said it was normal unless with cramps, after 12 weeks they have to give you an injection and they do say its less likely to bleed once you get into the second trimester but every doctor and midwife i saw said unless its bright red and like a period amount it could possibly be normal. If you're only 1-2 weeks it could be completely normal, im not 100% sure but i read on here somewhere that 1-2 weeks is actually 3-4 weeks, but im not completely sure. Thats still very early to tell on scan if there is a baby there, i had a 9 week scan and although they did find my son and the heartbeat, he was literally a blob back then so even if you ask a midwife or doctor for reassurance they cant really do anything yet except maybe test your hcg levels? Might be worth asking a doctor seeing as you wont be under a midwife but i really do think its normal x

user1483787837 Sat 07-Jan-17 18:46:44

@harleysmammy - Thanks a lot for your replying and reassurance smile ..Yes, I am waiting to get an appt for my blood test and will re-test using Clearblue next week..I will check with doctor to check hcg levels as you have advised..Will let you know if I have any questions smile

Phoenix76 Sat 07-Jan-17 20:57:00

I had this right up to about 16 weeks and was in a right old panic every time it happened. Don't look at dr Google, and I agree with harleysmammy mostly it's normal. From what I understand, as the fertilised egg buries into your womb it shed's old lining. Also, you can get a bit of break through bleeding just where your hormones are having a re-jig. If you're anything like me, you'll spend your entire pregnancy fretting about all sorts! Best wishes with everything.

JuliaLeigh Sun 08-Jan-17 01:05:45

Is this pos

calimommy Sun 08-Jan-17 02:34:48

I swear by First Response. I've been pregnant 5times and it's never failed me. Clear blue are much slower to give results. I feel like I should have shares in them because I've bought so many and always tell people to use them. 😂

beck3001 Sun 08-Jan-17 02:39:33

Julialeigh it's unkind to post in someone else's thread after they've said they're bleeding! Make a new thread!

Also op, I hope everything is well and good! No pregnancy is without panic!

JuliaLeigh Sun 08-Jan-17 02:52:44

Ok, I'm very sorry. Just new to this. sad

user1483787837 Mon 09-Jan-17 21:56:52

Hi All,

Thanks for replies..I checked on 6th January and dip-stick shows as attached. I have blood test and UE on 16th so waiting for that...


calimommy Mon 09-Jan-17 22:05:01

Looks positive 👍

user1483787837 Tue 10-Jan-17 19:00:47

Thanks calimommy smile

theclick Tue 10-Jan-17 19:03:15

JuliaLeigh really?! "is this pos" and then that's it as a post?!

harleysmammy Tue 10-Jan-17 19:44:02

I'd say that was positive, mine was even fainter than that at first and im 24 weeks. Congratssmile

user1483787837 Fri 13-Jan-17 10:27:12

sadly, clear blue tests today show "Not Pregnant" sad
the same test last week show "1-2 weeks Pregnant".I have no idea whats happening inside my body. i have no pain or cramps but did had light periods.

I do have blood test on Monday but we have already lost hope

Fridgedooropen Fri 13-Jan-17 10:36:33

Sadly, I had a similar thing and it became an early loss after the later test went to negative. Sorry if this is what's happened flowers - do log it with your doctor so that they have a record if you need treatment for repeated losses later. However, all that is looking on the gloomy side - hopefully this will be a one off, as it is for many people. Take care of yourself.

user1483787837 Sun 15-Jan-17 19:51:46

@Fridgedooropen - sorry to hear that..I am wondering what GP will diagnose? any idea why it happens?

calimommy Sun 15-Jan-17 21:09:07

Maybe just an early loss. No particular reasons unless you have recurrent losses at which point it might be investigated. Those babies just aren't meant to be. Early losses like that are quite common, and most go unnoticed. A woman might be a few days late or not late at all and unless you do an early test you wouldn't know.
Sending positive thoughts for next month! X

user1483787837 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:37:23

Thanks a lot for replying Calimommy! This is first time I have used pregnancy test..Not sure what prompted me but I checked..may be its test for fingers crossed...but I still have my GP appt this week so should see what she says...I just wanted to make sure there is no surgery involvedsmile....Yes lots of baby dust to all those who r TTC...Thanks for your kind words smile..

sharnyy Tue 21-Mar-17 19:24:45

Just found out I'm pregnant yesterday 🤰🏼🎉

user1483787837 Fri 24-Mar-17 22:14:52

Hi Sharny,

Good to hear that...I missed my AF this month and went to GP today she said to go to midwife after 2 weeks and I am 8 weeks along...I am just getting myself ready for first appt and scan...How long are you now?

sharnyy Fri 24-Mar-17 23:01:15

Congratulations! I'm only about 5 weeks, it's my second baby and they won't even be a year apart! I will have my hands full with these Irish twins🍀 xx

sharnyy Fri 24-Mar-17 23:11:32

This is my test!

user1483787837 Sat 25-Mar-17 12:53:16

looks good..congrats!

sharnyy Sat 25-Mar-17 14:12:22

This is how my test was with baby

sharnyy Sat 25-Mar-17 14:13:13

Congratulations to you as well is this you first baby or no?

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