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Dilemma, any ideas?

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MrsMar Wed 21-Feb-07 19:25:20

I've just found out I've got a six month job starting in July which I'm not sure I'll be able to do when I'm pregnant as it's quite physically demanding (I'm due on sept 21 so I'll be about 6 months gone by then). I originally applied for the job (which is just a temporary job at my current employers) before I knew I was pregnant, but I had my interview yesterday, and found out today that I had the job. Career wise it's a great move, and quite a prestigious job to get, I'm just struggling with how and when to tell them. It's a huge company I work for, and they are usually pretty good about these sort of things, and they do advertise themselves as an equal opportunities employer so I'm going to give them a chance to prove it!! Does anyone have any similar experiences or brilliant ideas how I can break it to them gently that I'll have to postpone until next March at the earliest?

lazyemma Wed 21-Feb-07 19:38:09

I don't think there's any need to worry about breaking it to them gently - you haven't done anything wrong, you haven't intentionally deceived them in any way. It's an example of someone having one of those pesky things called "a life" outside of the demands of the world of work.

The best thing to do is to tell them as quickly as possible - that way, if it is possible for you to postpone, they have plenty of notice to find a temporary replacement or whatever their contingency plan would be.

MrsMar Wed 21-Feb-07 20:19:01

Hi Emma, thanks for that. I've been speaking to everyone at home this evening (I'm still at work, bleurgh!) and I'm slowly coming round to the idea of waiting until after my scan in two weeks and then telling them. It's kind of a training job (I'm the one being trained iyswim) so they won't need to cover it, it's just a case how how p*ssed off will they be with me when I tell them I need to postpone until next year. I'm hoping they won't have some budgetry restrictions that mean it has to be done this year! One good thing is my company is heavily unionised, so I should be able to get some support from them if work gets funny with me.

MrsMar Thu 22-Feb-07 18:23:20

I'm still worrying about telling work I'm pregnant. As posted below, I've just won a 6 month training course which is pretty physical and I won't be able to do while pregnant. The question is, do I tell them now and give the bosses a chance to rearrange things if they want to (and in the process risk enraging them, cos they'll think I deceived them during my interview) or wait two weeks until I've had my scan (and then risk them thinking I've waited for ages to tell them) Decisions, Decisions!! I'm so worried they'll go ballistic with me.

MrsMar Fri 23-Feb-07 10:42:45

any thoughts anyone?

lazyemma Fri 23-Feb-07 11:25:18

MrsMar - I'm not sure I understand why you'd want to wait two weeks. If you really think they'll be cross (which again, I reiterate, they have absolutely no right to be - they'll surely be even crosser the longer you leave it. You don't have to disclose at interview that you're pregnant (not at this stage, anyway), and you applied for the job in the first place before you knew you were pregnant. Just tell them and get it over with. This is a professional issue, it's not like you're letting down a friend over a promise you've made. I really think it'll be fine.

MrsMar Fri 23-Feb-07 12:28:48

Thanks for that Emma. I think you're right, plus all this worry is really wearing me down, the sooner it's all out in the open the better.

liquidclocks Fri 23-Feb-07 12:34:02

Hi, you say the new job is 'physically demanding'? What kind of work is it? (if you don't mind me asking) Whn I got pg the health and safety guys came ou to assess me and my work environment. They adapted the job slightly for while I was pg (no lifting of patients, no access to the sluice room etc - so disappointing! ). Anyway, you may find that they just adapt the role slightly for you as legally they can't really backtrack on offering you the post.

I would also say to tell the asap but make a point of saying you haven't had a scan yet and you don't want it to be made public knowledge until after that.

MrsMar Fri 23-Feb-07 14:02:22

Hi there Liquidclocks... the job is that of cameraman (woman? person?) I've just spoken to a friend of mine at work who used to do the same job, and she worked until 7 months pregnant. I've also spoken to other people who did the same job pregnant. I feel much better knowing that, I'm going to ask if they can bring forward my six months on the job, so when I finish in August I'll be 7 and half months approximately. I can make other adjustments to the job too, sharing the lifting of equipment and getting a luggagge trolley to carry around equipment while out and about.

nh101 Fri 23-Feb-07 14:22:24

I just wanted to say good luck! It sounds very exciting...

MrsMar Fri 23-Feb-07 14:28:45

Thanks NH, it is really exciting. I've wanted a baby for ages, and I've wanted to do this job for ages. I kind of hoped they wouldn't happen at the same time though!! Wishes are like buses though aren't they?

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