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Home birth

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preparedtobeshotdown Fri 06-Jan-17 23:00:17

3rd pregnancy. The midwife has suggested a home birth. At first I was a bit. Eeerrrrmmmmm no thank you. But the more I think about it. It makes sense. We have 2 ds. Aged 3 and 2. And no family or friends who can look after them when time comes. So it would mean bundling them in the car and who knows what time. Dropping me at the hospital and dh going home with them. My last 2 births were only 7 hours labour and 2o minutes pushing. But my second I ended up being induced as contractions stopped and after 24 hours they induced me. Contractions started as they induced me and after 6 hours he was born. So yeah 6 or 7 hours ish. Hoping this is the same. No pain relief so I'm not worrying about that. But I think I stressed myself out as I had never left ds 1 alone with someone 3lse before nd I was worrying about him. So I think that's why the Contractions stopped. So maybe a home birth would be better all round. I had in laws as child care last time but they don't live in the country and won't be visiting so no one else available. Dh missed first birth as he went home thinking it would be fine to get my bag and the ds 1 decided to show the minutes later. Ds 2 I kicked him out of the room when it came to pushing. I don't think he would have coped with the mess and I just wanted to concentrate and I personally didn't want him to see all the other yucky stuff. So I can go to hospital not worried about being on my own. Quite prefer that. But basically can I have some home birth experiences please.... grin

Sorry that was so long


Snowflakes1122 Sat 07-Jan-17 01:05:23

Had a home birth last time. Water birth actually.
Was perfect. Had him in the night and other DC got up in the morning to a new baby. No worries about childcare enabled me to just focus on labour.

If you are a low risk pregnancy, it's worth considering.

RedCrab Sat 07-Jan-17 11:35:02

I had a wonderful home birth with DC2 after an awful indiction with DC1. It truly was amazing. Six hours to the forty hours of my first labour. We just hung out watching Modern Family - contractions were totally manageable for about five of those six hours. In my own home and had a pool and I do think it makes you so much more relaxed. I didn't actually need any pain relief - though probably should have used some G&A during transition. I had a doula and my mil with me, along with DH and two MWs. DS woke up the next morning to a new baby sister.

Pregnant with DC3 and planning the same again. I have no expectations that early labour will be as easy but I have faith in the home birth process and the power of feeling safe and relaxed in your own home. Good luck. If all is well, go for it. It really does make s huge difference.

SerialReJoiner Sat 07-Jan-17 11:44:17

My home birth the other day was perfect in many ways - the convenience of not needing to leave the house was a huge part of it! However, I had the baby by 9pm so our older dc weren't in bed; we had someone sit with them watching TV so dh could focus on me. I had prepared them re:noise and mess, so they weren't bothered. It was lovely for them to meet their baby brother minutes after his birth, and for me to be comfortable in my own bed after getting cleaned up.

I had a v. fast labour this time, too, so booking a home birth was the right choice.

Be sure you get a waterproof cover for your mattress!

preparedtobeshotdown Sat 07-Jan-17 12:40:29

Thank you for the replies. And tips.will get a waterproof cover.

Any thing else I should get? What do I need?

IfYouDontImagineNothingHappens Sat 07-Jan-17 12:41:44

My home birth was ok up to a point then terribly traumatic. Most people don't talk about when it goes wrong. I would fully advise you to have someone else in the house for your children if you have issues you may need to disappear to a hospital sharpish.

Hawkmoth Sat 07-Jan-17 12:42:16

Big dark coloured towels smile

Christmasbaby16 Sat 07-Jan-17 17:22:40

Wouldn't consider home birthing. Our midwife tried to talk me into it as I was low risk and live close to the hospital if I needed to be transferred in.
Our baby was in feta distress in the end stages of labour which was only detected via continual CTG, thank god we didn't opt for the home birth as the outcome doesn't bare thing about.

preparedtobeshotdown Sat 07-Jan-17 17:37:45

Thank you yes I will bare all this in mind. My DH will be here with the kids so that's no issue.

I would rather know things that went wrong so that it wouldn't be a shock if it happens.

preparedtobeshotdown Sat 07-Jan-17 17:37:56

And know what to do

Asuitablemum Sat 07-Jan-17 20:22:21

I had a home birth with my second and it was fab. There are some home birthing groups out there that you could visit for advice. The pound shop does disposable changing mats that we were recommended and also shower curtains. Put one down on a mattress or sofa with a cheap duvet or blanket you can throw away on top. The midwives will advise what you need.

preparedtobeshotdown Sat 07-Jan-17 20:32:48

Excellent thanks for the advice guys. Starting to feel more comfortable with the idea now

rhianspruce Sat 07-Jan-17 20:56:09

I had a home birth with my second baby as I laboured very quickly with the first and the hospital is 40 mins away. I also had a bad experience with the care I received in hospital. Having a home birth was wonderful and I would do it again if I am ever lucky enough to have a third. My first contractions started at 5 am and my eldest daughter woke at about 6. My husband kept her occupied downstairs whilst I got on with it upstairs. My only mistake was not calling the home birth team early enough, I almost had her before they arrived. She was born 8:32 am. We were enjoying a Sunday roast and toasting the birth by lunchtime. The midwives will provide you with a list of things to have on standby, mirror, torch, towels, water proof sheets etc.

smEGGnogg Sat 07-Jan-17 21:11:03

I was supposed to have a home birth last time, 5th baby. But it didn't go to plan. I had slow progress and was stalled at 4cm. They had also run out of gas and air because they bought one half empty cannister and one faulty cannister that wouldn't hook up properly. They wanted to call an ambulance but my husband insisted on taking me in the car because it was quicker, we live about 10mins away by car, and also that it wasn't an emergency.

Bits and bobs you might want to have...towels, bin bags, puppy training mats (same as the inco pads they use), showers curtains, mattress protector, torch, hand mirror, plenty of tea coffee and biscuits.

I had a pool, please be aware that if you do that and there is a medical emergency some trusts insist that they will flood the place to get you out. They basically fill up the pool until you float into a position where they can lift you by leaning on the edge. So the potential for mess (or even damage) is huge!!

LazyBeetroot Sun 08-Jan-17 05:52:15

I've had 2 home births and hoping for a third so would definitely recommend if you're comfortable with the idea. Both were water births. A good website for info is
I would consider back up childcare though, just in case. Last time my dd (who was 2) stayed the night at my parents. As everything was fine she'd have been okay at home in bed, but it meant I (and dp) didn't have to worry about her when I was in labour. My children are older now and I'd think I'd quite like them to be there if they want to be but if we do that I still have back up as my parents are only 10 minutes away. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, but it's something to consider.

Good luck whatever you choose. Happy to answer any questions you have.

LazyBeetroot Sun 08-Jan-17 05:55:11

Sorry, just re-read your post properly and see you've said you're happy to go to hospital on your own if necessary. Ignore me then and go for it! Nothing better than snuggles in your own bed afterwards (and a decent cup of tea!).

preparedtobeshotdown Mon 09-Jan-17 00:45:14

Thank you so much everyone. I have my 28 week appointment in 2 weeks of I think I will tell midwife I am OK with it.

Also why a shower curtain...?

tvhearts Wed 10-Jan-18 11:52:07

Hi know this is a really old post now but just wondered what you ended up doing OP? Hope all went well x

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