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Problem with booking in bloods?

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lockie1983 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:56:23

About 12 weeks pregnant and booked in just before Christmas. Just had a letter from GP to say the doctor has asked them to contact me about my blood tests and to discuss with midwife.

What on earth might this be? I really hate this obscure type of gp surgery letter! Could be up to Two working days before I hear from midwife (left message) so won't be until Tuesday (have my scan that day).

I feel panicked but don't want to google. Anyone have experience with this?

AreWeThereYet000 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:59:39

Hey, it could be something or nothing - it could have detected something or simply they may need to re do them as they wasn't able to get a clear result/didn't get to the lab in time etc. Sorry I've not been much help, what I'm trying to say is although it's easier said than done, try not to worry until you have spoke to your midwife - or could you speak to a GP about this? X

DearMrDilkington Fri 06-Jan-17 15:04:09

Most likely you have low iron levels, don't panic and don't Google!

Snowflakes1122 Fri 06-Jan-17 16:11:43

I've had this with my first baby. It was to let me know I was wasn't immune to rubella and I'd need the mmr after I had the baby.

Don't worry, or it was serious they'd be more urgent.

lockie1983 Fri 06-Jan-17 16:16:46

Thanks all - this is my second pregnancy so was just a bit surprised.

Thanks for the suggestion of ringing gp (in my fluster I didn't even think of that!). Apparently all is fine on two results but I need a retest on my family history (?!) test. Don't know what that means but at least I won't panic all weekend... It's really hard not to isn't it? blush

fourcorneredcircle Fri 06-Jan-17 16:23:01

Try not to worry. Most likely they've highlighted something they can deal with.

Low iron/anemia - iron supplements & maybe change of diet

Thalessemia/sickle cell - Can depend on type etc. But has a range of options for treatment of mother and protection or treatment of baby. You would be referred to a blood diseases specialist specialist.

Syphalis/rubella/HIV/AIDS/Heb B/diabetes - all have treatment options for mum and options for minimising risk to baby.

Rhesus negative - hemphlobin injections later in pregnancy to protect baby's red blood cells from attack.

Or they just messed up and got the wrong label on bloods etc. It happens!

Steer clear of over googling! The NHS website is non scary and factual

fourcorneredcircle Fri 06-Jan-17 16:23:59

Terrible typos in above post... sorry! blushgrin

lockie1983 Fri 06-Jan-17 16:49:41

Thanks four very sensible advice! Just had a callback from midwife to say sickle cell wasn't tested as there was no nationality stated on my records hmm

Need a retest which will hopefully get done at my scan on Tuesday. Yay more vials of blood from the vein collapsing fainter...

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