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Counting kicks at 4 in the morning

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Trulyamnearanear Fri 06-Jan-17 04:48:01

I'm 37 weeks and before bed and again when I woke at 3 I noticed reduced movement. So I called MAU. I've been told to lie on my left and count for two hours or until I fall asleep. Just over an hour in and I think sprog just woke up as I've gone up to 37 from 19 in 15 minutes. And breathe. Anyone else had these stressful moments? Why is it always the middle of the night???

Pooky77 Fri 06-Jan-17 05:10:59

Doing the exact same thing right now! Always the middle of the night for me too. I like to think this means baby knows when it's bed time and is usually just asleep but it's worrying. He's kicking away now but that's the end of sleep for me tonight and work starts in 3 hours!

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