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HCG - Someone help me, anxiety killing me :(

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Tibbycat Thu 05-Jan-17 19:06:51

Hello everyone,

Anyone experienced low HCG??.... I'm officially 6 weeks and 3 days BUT a longer cycle at 33 days (last cycle was 49!) means it could be more like 5 and a bit weeks ... ovulation tests showed nothing so I either missed it, they didn't work or it happened another time later on...

Anyway... after a short and what I thought at the time was a 'weird period' as it was so light and one day long only, just blood (pregnancy confirmed later on...) ... GP decided to run my HCG just to check and they've doubled in 64 hours which is fine as it should be under ever 72 hours but they are only 180... (rose from 50). Which is JUST in the 5 week perimeter. GP didn't seem concerned and agreed that they were on the lower normal end but not to worry about them at the moment as the main thing was that they'd risen well... SO why was I up pretty much all of last night crying and convinced I've lost this baby? Today I was a bit more level headed about it. It is natures way if there is a problem etc etc but I get so incredibly anxious and start Googling HCG levels. Mine are on the low side.

Symptoms wise... I don't have any sickness but I didn't get any with my now 4.5 year old son who went to 40+10 until the last month??? Bizarre... I was sick every day all through the last 4-6 weeks 😷... awful. Had minor nausea at the start with him but nothing that stopped me doing anything. I was pretty good. I've got minor twinges on the sides of my 'womb' area and my boobs are very sensitive, especially around and behind the nipple. Milk leaked from them in the shower today but I don't think they're as sore as they were a week ago. Do symptoms come in waves (boob pain increasing and decreasing?)

I know HCG is different in everyone but this awful feeling of 'I can't imagine there is anything going on in there' is constantly there. Some calculators say mine is too low regardless of the prescribed and listed 'bands by week'.

GP referred me to the midwife team and I'm waiting for my first appointment which I'm guessing will be the end of January ish... the thought of waiting for my 12 week scan is horrific but my GP said unless i bleed or I'm in pain, not to worry. So easily said. He could tell I was so anxious and worrying already. He explained he usual 1/3 pregnancies end in MC.. all the usual cheerful stuff!

Any words of wisdom welcome... I can't cope with another night beside myself. Husband is away for 8 days, nobody else knows so it's so hard.

Thanks for reading.

Tibbycat Thu 05-Jan-17 19:13:46

Sorry I should add... they're on normal range for 5 weeks ish. If I was 6 weeks, it's game over sad

Endmoor1405 Thu 05-Jan-17 19:33:20

Firstly big hugs and a giant slice of cake.

When I had my last miscarriage they tested my HCG levels. They categorically would not tell me what my numbers were only that they hadn't doubled in the time they should have. They basically said that there's absolutely no sense in telling anyone what their numbers are because essentially it means absolutely nothing and people will insist on consulting google and worrying, because there is no hard and fast "normal" range and if they are still doubling (like yours are) then that's the important bit. Sadly mine increased but not fast enough so it was obviously failing- you don't look like you're in that boat smile

I would sit tight and maybe look at booking an early private scan if your gp isn't willing to refer you for one beforehand? Lots of love!

Tibbycat Thu 05-Jan-17 19:57:34

Thank you endmore 🙏🏼 😘

MouseLove Thu 05-Jan-17 20:13:02

If they've said not to worry then you're absolutely fine. Your dates are probably out a little and since baby grows at such a staggered rate in the first few weeks then I'd say you are absolutely in the normal range. Congratulations!! I'm 5+3 today. Absolutely no symptoms at all.

If you were dangerously low they wouldn't have told you the numbers and would say to expect a miscarriage. They haven't. So don't. Enjoy your pregnancy. X

Tibbycat Thu 05-Jan-17 20:27:28

You're so kind... thank you 😪 happy tears x

HTKB Thu 05-Jan-17 20:35:01

Oh love, I've been there! You've bought it all flooding back. I've had two mcs, with much much lower HCG than that both times. It's great that things are doubling. My next pregnancy the numbers doubled beautifully but I still couldn't relax until he was in my arms really. Can you have the test repeated next week? And then book a scan for the following week privately? You should see something on screen by then. It's great news that the numbers have increased appropriately but I do understand it's hard not to worry. Good luck x

Tibbycat Thu 05-Jan-17 20:56:18

HTKB... it's so tough isn't it? My GP really gave me the 'we never usually test HCG' ... he was sort of 'doing me a favour' in his mind I think. Lovely GP but I'm still
Wound up like a bobbin! I think we'll look at doing an early scan in a week or two because the thought of waiting to get to 12 weeks is a killer! If my symptoms increased I think I'd relax more but I recall feeing anxious with my son (just me all over!) I had two early scans with him ... both fine.. 🙄 I'm hopeless!

Husband just left for work... had a good cry when he left. Really going to miss him this week. He's back late next Thursday night or Friday morning TBC.

It's an awful wait. GP told me to 'try to relax' as I left. It was obvious I seemed tense. Easier said than done hey!

MouseLove Thu 05-Jan-17 22:42:29

Tibby hunny. You're perfectly ok to worry but you also need to feel calm, relaxed and happy. What will be will be but what you can do is give your baby the best chance by keeping warm, eating well, keeping hydrated, taking your vitamins and trying not to worry. Honestly I don't think you have anything to worry about. Xxx

haveacupoftea Thu 05-Jan-17 23:07:29

Your HCG is doubling, so remain calm. Its more than likely you ovulated later than you thought. The calculators really dont mean an awful lot. Today, you are pregnant. flowers

eastcoastmum2014 Fri 06-Jan-17 08:33:48

I'm so sorry you are going through this, I cant imagine the anxiety and worry flowers I just wanted to offer a little reassurance that you could well have ovulated late, I went to my 12 week scan with my current pregnancy in the full knowledge I was almost 13 weeks (I tracked my periods and I always have a 28 day cycle). The baby was measuring 11 weeks and I had to cone back later for another scan -que panic, anxiety and two weeks of crying as I KNEW when I must have ovulated!! Well roll on I am now 36 weeks pregnant with a little boy and all was fine- I literally did ovulate late. I expect the same for you if your numbers are doubling that's good! Please try and stay calm and have a look at private scans-they aren't too expensive and will make you feel much better xx

Tibbycat Sat 07-Jan-17 16:08:09

Update: i was right to trust my instincts...ectopic pregnancy. So how having to make some awful decisions on what to do now. 😞🙏🏼

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