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Can heartbeat be heard at 14+6?

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endlesslove Wed 21-Feb-07 13:18:46

How early can the heartbeat be heard by the doctor? I have an antenatal appointment with doctor on Friday and I'll be 14+6. I'd love the heartbeat to be heard by the doctor or even better by me!



3sEnough Wed 21-Feb-07 13:19:46

Yup - should be able to from 14 weeks, having said that - don't panic if they have a hard time finding it!! They're so small at this time that they can't half hide well!

lulumama Wed 21-Feb-07 13:20:47

possibly...some won;t attempt to find it before 16 weeks, when the uterus has risen more out of the pelvis, and is easier to find and hear..if they do find it, will most likely be with a hand held doppler/ Sonicaid,and you too will hear it

scorpio1 Wed 21-Feb-07 13:20:59

it is possible,but dont worry if it cant be heard,they are quite small then.

good luck

NbgsYellowFeathers Wed 21-Feb-07 13:21:22

I heard my ds at 10 weeks. I wasnt well and a midwife came out to my house and thought she'd give it a go.

I'm sure at 14 weeks you'll be able to hear one

dejags Wed 21-Feb-07 13:24:11

In case you don't - try not to worry. If you have an anterior placenta i.e. in front of the baby, it can be more difficult.

endlesslove Wed 21-Feb-07 13:45:15

Thanks very much. I do hope that the heartbeat can be heard. Just to ease my mind. xxx

ledodgyDave Wed 21-Feb-07 13:49:24

It is possible to hear it this early however alot of gps and mw will refuse to do it as it's so hit and miss and if they couldn't find it you'd be worried.

NbgsYellowFeathers Wed 21-Feb-07 13:52:52

Oh yes, must add that this mw was a one off. The others didnt want to do it until 16 weeks.

nh101 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:22:14

I asked my MW if there was a chance I wouldn't be able to hear the baby's heartbeat at my scan next week (when I'll be 9-11wks) and she said I would hear it cos you can hear the heartbeat from five and a half weeks! I know this is not true cos lots of mumsnetters don't hear the heartbeat at early scans. MWs are so rubbish sometimes aren't they? (She also said I was probably 7 weeks pregnant but I get a positive result four a half weeks ago so I must be at least eight weeks. ) They haven't a clue sometimes!

princesslolly Thu 22-Feb-07 15:13:04

Just thought I'd mention that they got my baby's heartbeat from 6 weeks and 4 days when I went for on ultrascan then. According to my GP, b/c I asked him about this before I went for the scan, if they can pick up a heartbeat that early on it's great but they don't worry about not picking up a heartbeat until about 8 weeks. In response to what nh101 said your midwife was, in this case at least, right. There's a difference though between picking up the heartbeat via a scan, doppler or through a stethescope and perhaps some of the confusion is coming from this. They will be able to get the heartbeat on ultrascan equipment early on in your pregnancy but other ways of picking up the heartbeat will generally only be possible a bit later on into pregnancy, e.g. using doppler or prenatal listeners means you won't generally hear anything this way before about 12 weeks for most women. Hope this helps!

endlesslove Sat 24-Feb-07 10:31:40

Just wanted to give you an update - I heard the heartbeat! It was going slower than what I thought it was but the doctor was not at all worried so I am not. What is the myth about the train and the horse? It sounded like "boom boom boom" rather than "boom de boom de boom de boom" - Hope that makes sense!!!

Thanks for your messages and support. x

Frenchsmallfry Sat 24-Feb-07 10:55:55

There is a myth, if it sounds like a horse than it's a girl and if it sounds like a train then it signals a boy???????????????,
However I think it has more to do with the position of the doppler in relation to the heart. I have a hand help doppler and on both of my pregnancys have been able to make it sound like a train or a hoof beat, depending on the angle and positin of the doppler. Glad you've heard it though, and congratulations on your pregnancy, wishing you a smooth one.

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