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15 weeks today and feel like 30...

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Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 14:25:05

Good afternoon all currently 15 weeks with second child and feel like I did at 30 weeks with the first! Anyone else experienced this or is it normal? I am just as fit as I was and eat a pretty healthy diet. I'm 32 as was 29 with the first. I have had constant constipation and sickness since the beginning. Now my lower back and hips feel like they are going to dislocate!

So blessed to be expecting our second so sorry for the moan, bad day!

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 15:09:06

Also 15 weeks today with DC2 and already waddling thanks to SPD. Was telling a friend today that I feel like my hips aren't attached anymore. Sickness is really getting to me too. Had it all the way with DD and praying it goes this time. I think it's much harder the 2nd time around.

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:23:14

Congratulation Sickofteletubbies! Do you know the gender as yet? The Dr was non commital when I had my first scan last week. I am sure it's SPD I have but nothing has been confirmed yet. Have an appointment at the Dr tomorrow so will prob have a moan! Yes it is like your hips are not attached anymore! No fun. I'm off for a swim later to see if it helps. How were you diagnosed with SPD? Were you referred anywhere for it? We must be due around the same date...25th June!

Trulyamnearanear Wed 04-Jan-17 16:30:25

I feel a lot worse with my second. I'm remembering things I did at this stage last time and would no way be
able to now. Maybe dc1 is just more exhausting than I realised! I can't imagine 3 years can make that much difference.

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 16:39:06

Must no we don't know yet. Thinking of booking a private scan as the sonographer was quite rude when I asked about DDs gender. I am assuming girl though as I'm having an identical pregnancy. I was diagnosed with SPD in my first pregnancy and unfortunately it gets worse with each pregnancy. This time it started a lot sooner and I knew what it was straight away. Not going to bother with physio this time as it was a total waste of time. I'd already given birth to DD by the time my second appointment came around. It was actually swimming that set if off with DD so I'm avoiding it this time. I do swim quite vigorously (is that the right word?) though so maybe a gentle dip would be ok.

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 16:39:49

Due 28th June but hoping to go early again (fingers crossed)

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 18:21:12

Truly, yes you would think 3 years wouldn't make a difference. Lucky that my hubby has been amazing with my son these first couple weeks so it's not even that my little one has exhausted me. How far are you truly?

Seems you have had a time of it sick! I enjoyed my last pregnancy but I even said to hubby the other day I just want the baby here now! fsad

I have a son and this is the opposite so I am hoping and assuming it's a girl. I did slip it in at the scan and even though the dr didn't want to commit he did say mothers are usually right! Not getting my hopes up too much as long as we are all healthy.

Terrible the sonographer was rude, no need is there. At least with private scan you are paying for it so expect a decent service. (The scan I just had was private one and was perfect, even got about 30 lovely pics and a bit of a 3D) I had a bad experience at my first appointment with gin/Ob so never went back to her but it left me a bit of an emotional wreck for few days.

Been a swim, took it easy so we will see how I feel in the morning.

Back to the plums, kiwis and pears for breakfast!

UnicornPee Wed 04-Jan-17 18:46:37

I'm 28 weeks with 3rd and I feel like 40 weeks.
It literally feels like a babies head is between my legs resting on my vadge.
I walk like I've shit myself which is ironic as I can't actually poo. Haven't pood for a week.
This never happened with the other two.

ChristmasSeacow Wed 04-Jan-17 19:10:27

I am also 15 weeks. I had SPD last time and am expecting it again this time although it hadn't triggered yet. However, I feel fat and achy and my back hurts. And I have a weird pressure feeling in my vulva all the time. When I poo it feels as though my uterus will fall out. I suspect a prolapse.

Gah. Can't wait for it to be over apart from the fact that I need another 5 months to declutter enough to make room for it

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 19:10:59

Oh I hear you unicorn sounds awful. Congratulations! I'm not so bad yet but do feel like I've had a huge kick in the vadge! grin I am on 3 different folic vitamin and anti sickness so prob this that's causing the lack of poop! Hope it eases for you unicorn.

UnicornPee Wed 04-Jan-17 19:24:52

Haha thank you smile
Good luck with your pregnancy and hope it suddenly becomes easy like the celebrities make it look x

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 19:36:01

Haha Unicorn! They are full of sh** although princess Kate was very graceful when she presented both her children, I was still an emotional wreck after my first I doubt I could have walked in heels! Fair play!

Hi Christmas, fingers crossed no SPD this time for you! Hugs for you sounds terrible. Do you know what you are having? I had a pain in my vulva in last pregnancy and it was like a very large varicose vein. They kept and eye on it in case it caused problems in birth but disappeared after I had my son, thank god!

I hope you get organized, plenty of time to! We moved house in Sept and still not organized but I've felt that rubbish I don't care! I will wait and hope the nesting and cleaning will kick in in a few months....

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 19:38:20

Must had a tough pregnancy with DD but a quick, simple birth. I'm not really sure how I got through my last pregnancy. This time I'm having to go through it as a SAHM to a toddler. Working was definitely the easier option.

She was so rude and it really upset me. I'm actually nervous to ask at the 20 week scan this time. I had an early private scan and the woman was lovely. She was talking about the nub theory and seemed really positive about finding out the sex. It wasn't even a big deal to me if I couldn't find out with DD but the sonographer treated me like I was putting her out. She wouldn't even check for me. She just said well I didn't see boy bits. I then had a 3D scan to confirm.

Glad a swim worked for you. Try and get in the hydro pool if you can. Heard lots of positive feedback about its affect on SPD. I have a few friends who had/have it and it's very much what works for one doesn't work for another. If you are really stuggling tell your health care provider. Women can end up in wheelchairs (temporarily) because of it. I had to finish work at 34 weeks as I couldn't even walk to the photocopier. It was absolute agony.

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 19:44:08

Unicorn I love your words. Paints a very accurate picture of pregnancy.

Christmas my SPD started at 14 weeks with DD and 9 weeks this time. One of my friends did have it with DC1 and not DC2 so you may be lucky. I have that weird pressure/pain feeling and have done every AF since DD. I did some extensive Googling and concluded it was brused/damaged muscles??? It goes all the way from the top of my noonie right to the other ind IYSWIM. I didn't do anythinf about it after DD as knew there would be a number 2. Really struggle doing pelvic floors too which I was a pro at before.

LikeaSnowflake Wed 04-Jan-17 19:45:11

I'm 20 weeks with my second, a little boy 😊 my daughter is just coming up to 15 months.

I am working full time, I'm a teacher and am commuting 40mins each way a day. I am definitely feeling it more this time.

Pressure down below, hips ache and pins and needles when I sleep! Much more tired too so must be from running around after my little one. Oh and showing more and much bigger than I was at this stage last time.

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 19:46:42

Apparently Kate was wheeled to the door and then stood when they opened the door. I certainly couldn't walk that well after delivery.

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 21:25:02

Hats off to you sick! I look forward to a Monday at work after the weekend for a break from my little one. He's going through a really annoying stage where he's constantly touching my face! I'm sure it will pass and I have to look forward to it with the next one!

Hope you can get a scan arranged! We wanted a surprise with first but dr who done the scan said 'oh it's a boy' was pretty pissed but managed to forgive her. This time I'm too excited and desperate to know but not paying for another private scan if I can help it. Will wait for my next one at end of Jan. I'm hoping to work as long as possible...

Kate looked better than I do on a night out! Pulled it off nicely I'd say!

Snowflake congratulations! How do you manage the commute! I would seriously have layby stop offs for a gag! I have about 10 min drive in the morning and I have a pack of dry cereal bars by my side the whole time as the motion kills me!

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 21:41:50

Must before being a SAHM I regret to say that I thought they had it easy. Some days I pray to go back to teaching just so I can have a break. Ha ha, I don't recall DD ever excessively touching my face. I think I would have been angry too but you can't dwell on the negatives as it'll ruin the experience. I would prefer not to pay for another scan but I'd much prefer the lady at the private scan to tell me the news as she was lovely. I don't think I could face being made out to be a burden again. I think people who have surprises are amazing. Must be so exciting to find out at the very end. I did check that DD was definitely a girl when she was born. You never know 100% until they're in your arms.

Mustbeinsane1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 22:12:13

Haha I know what you mean! I also thought it would be easy SAHM. My son will have a 10 week summer holiday this summer and being due in June i was thinking great we can spend loads of time together but I think a few clubs to split it up should help! Half looking forward to it if that makes sense. My son has been overly affectionate towards me since we told him so just putting it down to that. Although he did hold his little torch to my tummy last night and said 'oh mummy where is the baby? I can't find it' haha. Bless I checked to with son when he was born, you hear the story's of mistakes with gender.

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 22:39:40

Bless him. That's sweet. DD refuses to acknowledge that there's a baby on its way and totally freaks if I hold a baby. She will learn quickly. It doesn't help that everywhere is so busy during the hoidays too.

ChristmasSeacow Wed 04-Jan-17 23:46:36

Ooh Must I didn't think of a varicose vein. I hope not!

We are having a girl this time (as well as being fat and disorganised i am also a bit old so had the Harmony test - hence found out gender at 11 weeks). Am pleased to be having a girl. 4-yr old DS has been told but he has autism and doesn't understand what is happening. I think it is going to be a huge shock for him!

Sick your SPD starts early! Were you still able to walk by the end? I think mine started halfway last time but I was supposed to be using crutches at the end. I think I will get it again - no pain yet but my pelvis is clicking when I turn over in bed hmm. I am trying to avoid the stuff that aggravates it (lifting etc) but it is much harder as I am at home with DS. Last time I was working 12-hr days and commuting an hour each way (as it happens, through Stratford during the London olympics at 7.5 months pregnant -fun!) . I don't think that was harder. I do have to do a lot for DS though - he is still in nappies but is quite hard to heft about. Physically work would defo be easier!

sickofTeletubbies Thu 05-Jan-17 12:54:57

Christmas it did start very early both times. They asked my at my booking appointment if I wanted to be referred this time and I said no as I don't feel it benefited me. I may change my mind though. I used to work in different locations so would carry bags full of files and paperwork. I found this really difficult by about 30 weeks. I stopped travelling and stayed in the office for a week but I could barely get up off the chair. I then went off on unpaod sick leave as although I could walk it was very painful and actually hard work. Rolling in bed was definitely the worst part. I would wake DH up to lift my hips. I had to have a bath as I couldn't stand in the shower but I couldn't get out so DH would have to lift me while I cried. The had more of a grinding sensation with DD than a clickint but this time everything clicks when I move. I honestly think the pain of SPD is worse that birth, and I had no pain relief. I went to soft play with DD yesterday and I couldn't fit through a gap that I would normally get through. I'm guessing my hips have already relaxed. I will be buying a belt this time. The physio wouldn't give me one last time as she said I wouldn't benefit from it. I don't think my midwife was overly supportive as I wasn't her worse case. I feel a bit more like I just have to get on with it this time as I have a little human relying on me to get out of bed in the morning. So whether at work or at home it's never easy to deal with. Women really are amazing. Regardless of our situations we just get on with it. I honestly couldn't manage without DH. He totally took over cleaning and cooking last time and is doing most of the work this time. Not that it's my job, we are very much 50/50 but he has really lightened my load which I am so grateful of, even if we are stuck with his limited cooking skills.

Between the SPD and the sickness I don't ever want to go through this again. I am more than happy with my 2 cherubs.

sickofTeletubbies Thu 05-Jan-17 13:00:40

Also when you say about avoiding activities that aggrivate it. DH had planned a trip to London for my birthday. I completely broke his heart when I told him there is no way I could travel to London (from Wales) with my sickness and I could never manage the tube with all the smells. I also reminded him that at 6 months last time walking was a chore not something that I could do for fun. This time I'm definitely avoiding long walks and swimming. I think I will take DD and sit in the nice warm baby pools though smile

Mustbeinsane1984 Fri 06-Jan-17 19:47:23

Hi just been lurking the past few seems the breastfeeding brigade are out again! shock

How is everyone today? So glad it's Friday, just been for a nice meal and home to put the feet up. Feeling excited as had some serious discussions about names....!

Christmas congrats on the girl! Hope it works out and your son is ok with everything. flowers I have heard of the harmony test but not been offered it. How was it? I have a Possible amnio. When I went for my first appointment and Dott. Perfecto was more interested in educating me about downs than checking that everything was Ok so far! Classed as an old mother at 32 first thing she mentioned when we entered the room. Left me in a right state. Needless to say I won't be going back to her.

Sick sounds like your having a time of it! Sounds awful! I find I'm functioning better if I keep active but take rests. I do agree, how amazing are women! I had the same conversation with my husband few weeks ago. 'Never again' but I think it will be easily forgotten once baby is here. So sweet your hubby planned a trip to London, yes you should go and have some spa days! grin Its my Husbands 40th in April and I want to plan something really nice but not sure what state I will be in and if we can travel then. sad

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