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Painful bladder when full but don't think UTI

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Penguin13 Wed 04-Jan-17 13:07:55

Hi there, am 28 weeks with DC2. Feeling well on the whole but haven't really been drinking enough. I am trying to improve this and drink more water but have noticed that when my bladder gets even slightly full it is quite painful to the point that I struggle to walk normally. Not that I have had one in a while but it feels like a different kind of pain to when I have had a UTI and have so far tested negative for infections. It doesn't hurt at all to wee and as soon as I empty my bladder I feel immediate relief. Has anyone else experienced similar? Is it just likely to be lack of capacity thanks to baby squishing my bladder? Trying not to let it put me off keeping up the water intake.

Penguin13 Wed 04-Jan-17 16:29:04

Shameless bump grin

Suzysuz Wed 04-Jan-17 18:34:26

I get this! Not so much painful but uncomfortable when I have a proper full bladder - I just put it down to all the pressure down there and is fine to actually wee and once done grin
I just try to ensure I wee regularly through the day (even when might not feel like it just yet) so I don't get to that fuller stage, so mainly it's now just when I'm woken during the night as need a wee - feel like I'm living in toilets and am definitely over my public-loo aversion!!

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