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fragmin, history of thrombosis and flights

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phanie Wed 21-Feb-07 12:04:05


i've just been to see the haematologist to discuss what to do about my history of thrombosis and what treatment i should have,
She's putting me on daily injections of fragmin.
We're going away in four weeks and I'll have to double the injections.
It's a 9 hour flights and she's stressed i should wear compression socks, drink a lot, walk regularly, etc...

I'm finding it quite stresful and although she said i shouldn;t cancel the risk is a bit scary.

has anyone experienced this? been under the same treatment/
We lsot our baby last year, it's my second rpegancy and I'm fiding it very stresful

funkymumtobe Mon 26-Feb-07 12:11:36

Hi - not sure I can advise on the flying thing but I'm 37 weeks and been injecting fragmin and wearing compression socks etc... for what seems like ever now! You do get used to it. I've never actually had a thrombosis though - but have a family history and low anti-thrombin levels. How many weeks will you be when you fly? As you're on the fragmin I'd say the risk is very minimal and you should just go for it...and try not to get stressed!!

yomellamoHelly Mon 26-Feb-07 13:09:08

Hello Phanie

Had 2 dvts (first when pg with ds1; then another 18 months later) and have Factor V and pro-thrombin deficiency.

Was therefore on bloodthinners from moment started ttc nr2 and flew when I was 26 & 28 weeks pg (4 hour flight each way). Haemotologist totally unfussed by me going. Dosage wasn't changed. Told me to make sure I wasn't dehydrated at any time in the days surrounding the flight (before and after) and to wear my stockings (had been wearing them from the minute I knew I was pg anyway) and to walk about regularly on the plane and also in the days after.

Insurance was a little tricky given the situation but we eventually found the post office would cover us - cost an extra £58. Dh also found out where the hopsitals were over there beforehand and their opening hours , phone numbers etc. and changed his phone contract so we could use it if needed whilst abroad. (He was quite stressed!)

At the end of the day we had a great holiday though and it was fab to get away and spend some really good time with ds1 before ds2 arrived on the scene.

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