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So down what can I do :(

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Mummyof21988 Wed 04-Jan-17 09:13:01

Hi very long winded but I will try cut short basically I have 2 children 2 different fathers my 1st child's father didn't want anything to do with me anymore when I told him I was pregnant and I've never seen or heard from him again going on 9 years now and my second child's father brought my 1st up and left out the blue when my second was a baby he stopped filing for contact 6 years ago now I am now going through divorce from my husband of 4 years and I can't help but feel soooo guilty on my 2 children with what they have been through they a lovely children and so well behaved I just have this constant worry that I've let them down so much and I always feel I don't give them the attention they need 😔 I take antidepresents as it is and I'm currently pregnant which isn't helping with the mood I think but what can I do to stop this guilt 😔

calimommy Wed 04-Jan-17 11:21:58

I don't have much advice but hugs and 'stay away from men'. Clearly your picking rubbish ones xxx
Listen, children love unconditionally. Try to spend a little time each day doing one thing with them, read a book for 10mins or watch a movie together, snuggle on the couch. It doesn't take much. And if you already do that then great! You can stop doubting yourself.

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