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I'm new and I'm scared

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AbigailKU Tue 03-Jan-17 21:01:40

Hello, so I know everyone gets scared with their first pregnancy but as I suffer with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome I feel even more worried about my body and the baby. Me and my partner been trying for year and a half so to finally hear we are is great but also scaring us at the same time. Does anyone else get this nervous and suffer?

Newbie10 Tue 03-Jan-17 21:57:17


First of all- congratulations!! This is my first pregnancy and I have been so nervous and worried, any slight pain or lack of pain or anything has made me worry. I am now 12 weeks, we had an early scan at 10 weeks and have the official one next week. The 10 week scan did help to calm us down a bit as everything was healthy and looking good. It isn't right for everyone but have you considered an early scan? It might be worth exploring? I hope you can relax as worrying doesn't help (easier said than done I know) sending some hugs n hope you can enjoy it n be happy!!

sickofTeletubbies Wed 04-Jan-17 00:19:14

I didn't want to read and run. I too have PCOS and was also very worried throughout ny pregnancy. I was admitted to hospital twice with suspected cysts. In actual fact pregnancy was the best thing that could have ever happened. All of my scans showed 0 cysts on both ovaries and my symptoms completely cleared up. I reaped these benefits until DD was 1 and then the symptoms started to come back. It was so nice being pain free for that time though. My biggest worry was miscarriage and it did happen with my 2nd pregnancy. I think that if it's not meant to be then it's not meant to be, regardless of PCOS. I am now pregnant again and have those same fears, however am hoping that this pregnancy also has a positive effect on my health. In terms of care during my pregnancy health professionals haven't really seen PCOS as an issue. I guess it's more of an issue before conception. Good luck with your pregnancy. Try and enjoy it and don't let your fears consume you.

mrscrocopop Wed 04-Jan-17 20:02:15

I have PCOS and was told the bigger issues are in conceiving rather than maintaining a pregnancy. I think it's totally normal to worry in the early days though, everything is so new and uncertain. I was really worried; however I used to tell myself that worrying won't change the outcome either way or help me to manage should the worst happen. I just reminded myself that the odds are actually in my favour and until there is a clear sign I need to be concerned then keep my mind occupied elsewhere!
Good luck OP x

AbigailKU Thu 05-Jan-17 00:20:42

Hi everyone, sorry it has taken me awhile to message back today I have just been so tired was just able to clean the kitchen. Thank you, I feel I'm not so on my own it's just very hard to keep that little voice quiet, I try not to stress because I know it won't help, keeping myself busy when I can smile

sickofTeletubbies Thu 05-Jan-17 12:13:58

I think pop said what I wanted to say much better. No one was at all concerned about my PCOS while I was pregnant. I was convinced I would lose DD all the way through my pregnancy because of my PCOS but in actual fact the odds are still very much in our favour.

AbigailKU Thu 05-Jan-17 14:16:55

Sickofteletubbies (btw love the name) that is a big fear, we have wanted to have a child for year and a half and for it to finally happen we are just scared, I guess until have the scan and everything it would be more calmer.

sickofTeletubbies Thu 05-Jan-17 15:10:52

Abigail it was very appropriate that day. We now have a mixture of Jungle Book and Teletubbies. I raised my concerns many times about PCOS with both my consultant and midwife. They were both very dismissive and totally unconcerned. I did admit myself to hospital a couple of times thinking I had burst cysts but again was told my ovaries were completely clear. I was first disgnosed with cysts at the age of 18, so that may have been the first time I was cyst free my whole life. In terms of miscarriage it's very much like tossing a coin. You may never get tails (miscarry) or you may get it a few times in a row. It's cruel but there's nothing we can do to prevent it. I know some women with PCOS have hormones during their pregnancy but the majority have healthy, problem free pregnancies. Please do raise your concerns with your health care providers as they will reassure you, as they did with me many times.

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