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I don't feel I can cope

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baby040507 Wed 21-Feb-07 04:08:10

I'm 29 weeks, and my partner who i was supposed to move into a new flat with next week has told me that he doesn't feel that he can cope with a new baby and that he feels he needs to spend time concentrating on himself. He divorced from his wife last year, and has two young children from that relationship. I have always tried to stand by him through a difficult divorce, and I cannot believe that he is rejecting me and the baby now. Whilst I know I will have to cope on my own, the whole idea fills me with dread and I really don't know how I will cope. I love him and I feel so desperately alone.

GooseyLoosey Wed 21-Feb-07 04:26:50

God he sounds awful and in desperate need of growing up and accepting his responsibilities! He has lost the right to concentrate on himself by virtue of the fact he will soon have 3 children!

You will cope and eventually will hopefullly not be alone any more.

He doesn't sound worth your feelings for him tbh. Know its not that easy to fall out of love with someone but sounds like you deserve better.

DetentionGrrrl Wed 21-Feb-07 08:15:03

divorce and a new baby are HUGE things. I think it's easy for people to dismiss Dads, but they go through alot too.

Is he actually leaving you, or just talking about not being able to cope at this stage?

FioFio Wed 21-Feb-07 08:18:01

Message withdrawn

muminabigtumi Wed 21-Feb-07 08:29:26

You poor love, you must be in terrible shock and desperatley hurt.
It is impossible to say what will happen and whether given time he may come back but I am a great believer in "what is for you won't go by you".
I agree with FioFio, if you can manage to try and just focus on you and your baby then maybe he will sort his head out and come back to you - if indeed that is what you want.
Do you have any other family nearby or friends for support to help you hun? It is c=going to be incredibly difficult but you have to take good care of yourself as much as you can, I wish you lots of strength and courage

EdieMcredie Wed 21-Feb-07 08:32:31

How awful for you. Do you have supportive friends or family? Not that they will make up for your partner going but they can help you.

Are you still going to be able to move into the flat?

baby040507 Wed 21-Feb-07 12:33:05

Thank you all for your comments - He is saying he doesn't want to leave me, but that he can't cope. We are going to talk later to try to find some solution, and to work out whether we still move in together or not. I guess its all about compromise.

muminabigtumi Wed 21-Feb-07 21:44:58

Good luck hun - talking things through together is the best option and when the lines of communication are open there is always hope

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