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Maternity wrap tops - am I getting them wrong?

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ConvincingLiar Mon 02-Jan-17 21:34:05

Today I wore an Isabella Oliver wrap top for the first time that I bought in my last pregnancy and never quite got to grips with so didn't wear. It looks a bit like the photo but is basically a bolero with super long wide ties. I have a few issues with it (and to a lesser extent with the JJMB wrap tops I have):

1. If you wear them with over the bump trousers, you later the wrap on top of the trousers. This is fine until you go for a wee, and then you either have to re-wrap it, or risk having the wrap turn into ropes around your tummy.

2. Where are you supposed to tie them? This one today either needed to tie at the front or back but looked weird, so I tied it at the side and tucked in one of the long bits.

3. How do you store them? It takes me ages to get it neat to fold, but I don't think I can hang them.

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