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Tap water - please help ladies

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redhead07702 Tue 20-Feb-07 22:31:08

Hi Ladies, I am presently living in the United States and am 21 weeks pregnant. Anyway during my first trimester I was cooking with tap water and also boiling tap water to make cups of tea. Anyway here they use mostly bottled water and filters on their taps etc. I am now freaked out thinking I could have harmed the baby by exposure to lead or something. Do you ladies drink tap water while pregnant? Please help

mummytosteven Tue 20-Feb-07 22:45:10

Yes, in the UK it's perfectly usual to drink tap water whilst PG. Don't see why US tap water would be any less safe.

princesslolly Wed 21-Feb-07 03:54:22

There are indeed areas of the United States where drinking the tap water is not a good idea. I must add that most US cities do not have tap water issues, but personally I never drink tap water no matter where I am in the world, pregnant or not, but that's just me and it's probably from growing up in a city where it wasn't ok to drink the water. The taste and colour of the water is usually the first indication of how clean it is. I've lived in cities where it comes out of the tap sometimes almost brown during droughts for example. You can contact your local water company to find out if there are any specific issues with their water supply but it's always a good idea to ask friends or neighbours what most people feel about their water supply in your city. It really depends where you are, the US is a BIG place so I can't be much more helpful with this b/c I don't know where you are located. If you have been boiling water then there is no problem either way of course. Either way, don't freak out b/c you and your baby will be fine if you have been drinking tap water, the issue with water in the US is, as far as I'm aware, not related to lead or something equally harmful so don't worry. This is just something to be aware of but don't dwell too much on it.

GooseyLoosey Wed 21-Feb-07 04:28:49

In the UK no one would think twice about it. I certainly drank it and as far as I can see, dcs were not harmed by it!

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