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Physically impossible to get comfortable!!

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Tinyhumanjan17 Sun 01-Jan-17 23:06:09

39+1 today, honestly thought baby would have been here by now. But he's not and I am suffering SO much! I have a previous health condition which has been really well handled throughout pregnancy but I feel it's starting to become a slight issue now. Baby has no room and us trying to explode from every orifice possible constantly. Random lightning crotch every few minutes, tightenings, feet sticking out, nausea headache exhaustion, back and hips hurting... Iv dealt with a lot of illness and problems and I can honestly say nothing comes close to this awful Urgh I have had this last week or two

HumphreyCobblers Sun 01-Jan-17 23:09:14

I offer you my heart felt sympathy. I had severe SPD and my consultant moved my c section date forward by three days....I really felt so grateful to that man!

It is incredibly hard, I do hope you manage a bit of sleep and have a relaxed and calm labour in the not too distant future

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