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Maternity Clothes RUT!

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blossombottom Sun 01-Jan-17 12:35:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

inneedofaliein Sun 01-Jan-17 12:44:07

I've focussed on accessories as ways to feel better. Scarves, beads, long necklaces all still fit smile

Also skirts with tights and ankle boots- I got one denim one from JoJo and a second navy needlecord one on eBay ( originally JoJo also).

If you haven't already looked Asos is good for mat wear- nice dresses etc and they stock some other brands too. If you spend over a certain amount ( think £50) it's free delivery and free returns so you can try on in privacy and comfort at home!

I'm now 38.5 weeks and am soooo ready to see the back of my mat wear!!

Spam88 Sun 01-Jan-17 13:06:41

Worth having a look now in the sales as well - I've got a few nice dresses (as well as basic tops) from Asos and new look

Kelsey28 Sun 01-Jan-17 16:01:04

I'm the same! 23 weeks with number one and I was rather foolishly hoping I could just get bigger clothes. Obviously I've now learned this isn't the case 🙈🙈🙈. I'm so bored of the clothes I can't fit into and even though I bloody love H&M I am finding their maternity so uninspiring 😓😓😓

blossombottom Sun 01-Jan-17 18:28:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1468957349 Mon 02-Jan-17 07:00:33

Nice ponchos and wraps have become my staple as well as long cardigans. I've also found primark leggings ( in 2 sizes up) a god send and so comfortable (£2.50!!). Coupled with long boots a vest top and the previously mentioned I've found they work really well. I'd second the scarves and accessories. X

Sixisthemagicnumber Mon 02-Jan-17 07:02:17

Gap have some more colourful maternity clothes but they are online only.

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