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Wheelerdeeler Sat 31-Dec-16 20:11:46

I'm 23 weeks.

Any solutions to this?

Mooseville Sat 31-Dec-16 20:20:13

Prune Juice!

Tastes a bit yuck but drinking a small glass a day has helped me no end!!

zambean Sat 31-Dec-16 22:03:44

Having this same problem myself. Done some poos that I can only assume are my body preparing me for labour...

I am trying to eat porridge for breakfast with added oat bran, flax seed and chia seeds, and then apples and pears throughout the day. Prunes and prune juice are also an excellent idea - I don't enjoy the prune juice much, but the prunes themselves are not too bad. I buy the Nature's Finest ones in juice, and eat them with pears with yogurt or cream (or sometimes custard!)

And of course, lots and lots of water.

If none of this works, the GP will prescribe lactulose apparently - I haven't needed this yet, but will do it if things get worse.

UnicornPee Sat 31-Dec-16 22:07:06

I'm suffering too.
It got so bad on Tuesday I thought it was labour the pain was unreal.
I've now changed my diet (bran flakes, wholemeal bread, lotsa fruit & veg etc) but no poo since tue.

zambean Sat 31-Dec-16 22:09:10

Try eating a whole packet of fig rolls. That has worked for me in the past, accidentally!

MollyHuaCha Sat 31-Dec-16 22:10:14

Lots of liquids. Prune juice (not horrible at all, it's really delicious!). Hope it gets better soon x

MollyHuaCha Sat 31-Dec-16 22:31:10

Actually, you can make the prune juice more effective by warming it - mix chilled prince juice with boiling water 50-50. Delish.

CatsCantFlyFast Sat 31-Dec-16 22:35:27


If you're prone to it in pregnancy please take lactulose and fibrogel from the second you give birth. Don't wait to see if you'll have an issue

sweetchilli77 Sat 31-Dec-16 22:53:18

Haha I've written several threads on this, mainly ranting about the situation.

Ive had this since day 1, I'm 23 weeks now and still no better.

You name it I've tried it all...Prune juice? yea ok but i would of needed to drink 4 cartons a day haha.

I currently take lactulose 3 times a day, high bran breakfast plus loads of fluids, mobilise as much as i can and try and eat as much fruit and veg as i can.

That will make it slightly better to deal with.

Its a nightmare. Im looking into dynamite next

OnTheUp13 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:00:56

Dried apricots!

OnTheUp13 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:02:46

Dried apricots were the only thing that got me going when I was pregnant! It had been 10 days and within hours I went. I was all clammy and sweaty after! But bloody hell it was worth it

JCleRoux Sat 31-Dec-16 23:31:21

I've tried drinking a glass of prune juice in the morning on an empty stomach before. Then I Wait 30 minutes before eating anything. Works every time!

MollyHuaCha Sat 31-Dec-16 23:35:18

Amazing stuff!

sleepyMe12 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:36:29

Another vote for dried apricots!

RosieThorn Sat 31-Dec-16 23:39:09

Prune juice is very effective. Pure pear juice can also work (and tastes much better). Try taking a large glass of water, glass of Prune or pear juice then another glass of water.

Whattocallbabyboy Sat 31-Dec-16 23:42:05

Kiwi a day. Seriously. Google it

Uiscebeatha85 Sat 31-Dec-16 23:44:03

Shreddies and warm milk

TwoDogs9 Sun 01-Jan-17 02:00:47

Best thing I did was change from the Pregnacare multi vitamin to the Centrum During Pregnancy one. Cured my chronic constipation in a couple of days!

jobrum Sun 01-Jan-17 02:05:40

Fybogel every day. Ask for it on prescription. And do go back to your doctor if it doesn't work, the longer you leave it the worse it will get.

moobeana Sun 01-Jan-17 09:07:01

Go to doctor or midwife and ask for movicol (laxido). I took 1/2 a sachet a day for all three pregnancies and it saved me! I kept taking for a week post birth too. No piles here!

Honestly it is the best stuff, I tried prunes, lactolose etc. Only this worked for me.

UnicornPee Sun 01-Jan-17 20:43:29

Having changed my diet to a fibre happy one, I'm still poo-less

I bought dried figs (were supposed to be prunes but when I got home I realised they were figs)
Anyway eating them is like a bush tucker trial, disgusting. Only managed one bite.

So tomorrow I'm going to buy some lactulose.
However I'm back at work early TUesday morning. Am I going to end up pooing myself at work??

Fartleks Sun 01-Jan-17 20:44:31

Prune drink. 10 Dried apricots also

Fartleks Sun 01-Jan-17 20:44:49


OnTheUp13 Mon 02-Jan-17 21:45:08

Any movements yet OP

SunnyDayDreaming101 Wed 04-Jan-17 00:20:52

Sux doesn't it!

I just went over 10 days, thought I was hospital bound!! Went all gang busters 2 days ago and sorted myself out... maybe went too far though, had the opposite problem yesterday - today I seem normal again- phew!

So my day went like this..... a load of hot water to drink, high fibre cereal with ground flaxseeds, a little porridge with more flax seeds, lentil soup with wholegrain bread, and snacked on dried apricots, fruit smoothie (homemade with apple plus skin, berries, almonds with skin, a sprinkle of flax and water). Also took 4 teaspoons of lactoluse and tada!

Wouldn't recommend it though, it was, well, an experience confused

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